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Wild Water slot machine is about surfing and ocean waves that make your relax is very exciting.

In the seventies of the 20th century riding the huge ocean waves, or Surfing, got the worldwide fame. Probably this sport, which implies standing on a flat board and harnessing the rapid wave, has already been existing for years in countries situated on the shore.

There are several pictures of young, beautiful girls and boys standing upright on the board, which is flying across the waves. The layout of the game also has five reels and twenty permanently active lines, near which we can see a shark. This beast has so many teeth that it is impossible to count them. Teeth are growing in several rows, and every time the shark loses one, there appears another.

Actually, the horizontal lines are purely symbolic, because many symbols and characters occupy several vertical cells. The payments are made according to the paytable rules. The slot is not provided with double game and progressive jackpot.

The payment is charged when three or more similar pictures are in a row from left to right counting from the first column. You are paid for the longest chain and get the sum from different lines. The bet on the line is always multiplied by a factor of the picture. The biggest possible factor is 2000. The payout of Wild Water slot machine equals 96.4 %.

Beautiful sportsmen are standing on the shore. They are occupying three icons on the screen, and each of them gives the player certain prize. The guy flying across the waves on the yellow board is a scatter. The shark with gaping jaws plays the role of Wild. The beast can replace simple symbols excluding the scatter and form additional gainful chains.

Scatter is paid for in any position on the playing field. Three and more similar pictures bring the player 15, 30 or 60 total bets. This picture also includes free spins if one plays Wild Water slot for money. When free spins are played, the picture of bloodthirsty wild shark expands to full screen and increases prizes to enormous size.

Bonus games

Wild Water slot machine has two bonus options:

  • Surf’s Up – on three reels are pictured three surfers, which give the user bonus of 20 total bets;
  • Surf Team – if five different surfers are on all the reels, the player get the bonus of 200 total bets.

These options are not paid for in one round.

Specific features of Wild Water slot

All keys are labeled, so even a new user will understand how it works.  There is an automatic mode key, reel speed control, “on/off music” key, adjusting graphics and screen rotation keys.

If you have been training for a while, learned to change settings and got self-confidence, choose online casino, register, make money transition to your account and turn on Wild Water slot machine!

The example of game in the Wild Water gambling machine

There are £1000 on your account. The bet is 6, cost is 1, so this is £120. Click on the reel-rolling key.

Zero. Now there are £880 on the account. Click one more time, and a new window opens. You see waves, a surfer of the board and an announcement about £1800 bonus. The total sum on your account now equals £2680.

If we subtract from this figure initial sum, we will end up with £2680 – £1000 = £1680. Thus, in just several minutes we have earned £1680. Now you can close the game, because there is a slight chance of such result repeating soon. In order to not lose money and still satisfy your gaming excitement we recommend switching to the free mode again.

In demo mode, you will get a lot of pleasure and the same bursts of adrenaline as in a real game, but save your money.