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Wild Turkey slot machine about the lost civilization of ancient turkeys, that offer their guests first-class entertainment, bright, colorful graphics and a solid reward.

The Wild Turkey slot machine includes 5 reels and 20 lines. There are symbols of expansion, scatter, wild drawings and free turns.

All these special abilities are manifested in the figure with a stone idol. He can replace simple symbols, amplifying and supplementing prizes. It also includes free spins, if you play for money in a Wild Turkey slot machine: from fifteen to sixty turnovers.

The Net Ent development team never deprives its customers of the opportunity to receive fantastic prizes. Wild Turkeys have prepared a grandiose surprise for their users. The luckiest guest of an abandoned village in the jungle for one spin may get 800 000 credits.

The birds, in the form of Roman warriors and senators, settled on all the icons rotating on the screen. Wild turkeys will undoubtedly please you with their chic outfits; will amuse you with fantastic payments.

On the cells verticals lined up turkeys, looking like ancient Roman heroes:

  • a beautiful turkey with an azure necklace on his sleek neck;
  • a turkey warrior, who holds a spear in the wing;
  • a turkey-shaman holds a brush in his beak;
  • a turkey-pharaoh in a red robe and a headdress;
  • a turkey-oracle with a skull on a tuft;
  • a stone idol depicting a turkey, to whom it is evident that birds worship.

Try to tame pathos and stylish birds. As soon as several identical persons appear on the screen, you will see a gift in your purse.

Features of the slot Wild Turkey

During a free training, change the setting: the cost of coins, the height of the bet by one turn, the number of active lines and gain experience. Usually a sudden change of settings changes the results of rotation.

Example of a game in the slot machine Wild Turkey

On our account £5000. The rate for one turn is £40. Do one click on the round arrow key located in the middle of the control panel. She starts the rotation of the drums.

The prize is zero, the account is £4960. The next spin brings a big prize, in the amount of 3200 coins or £1600. The score becomes: £6520.

In principle, we can leave the game, because if we subtract the starting figure of our game account from the final result, we get a solid gift: £6520 – £5000 = £1520 pounds. This is our earnings in a few minutes.

Thus, the Wild Turkey slot machine includes a lot of interesting things and fun. It is enough to try once, this game will please absolutely everyone, here you can break a big jackpot.