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When Pigs Fly slot invites players to take part in a space flight with happy pigs.

This mysterious journey to distant planets is presented in a unique way. Fantastic and surprising prizes will constantly amaze the space flight participants.

When Pigs Fly slot is designed in such a way that it essentially differs from other machines. Like its analogs it has 5 reels. However, their shape is irregular. Some of them are short while the other ones are much longer. What is really hard to comprehend is that they change their sizes while spinning.

Initially, the playing field is diamond-shaped with several symbols in it. When a winning combo is hit, the field changes its shape. By the end of the round the whole field is occupied with symbols. The viewable part of the screen shows 5 symbols in vertical and horizontal directions. The slot has 3125 winning combinations. That’s a really huge number in contrast to other gambling machines. Once another round is over, the playing field returns to its initial shape. Depending on the winning amount, a spin can transform the diamond into square. But every new spin is launched with a diamond-shaped field.

When Pigs Fly slot has no scatter symbols. However, it has a lot of opportunities to activate free spins. When the player first makes the wheel of fortune spin, the field is not absolutely full of symbols. But with every winning combination all the symbols gradually appear on the playing field. When it’s full, the bonus game with free spins begins.

The game also offers free re-spins. Once 5 re-spins in a row have been made, the bonus game starts. The odds of getting a big surprise are the highest if this mode is activated. It is so because all the symbols on the active field open and, consequently, the number of winning combos reaches 3125.

The maximum bet is £100 which is quite decent. On the whole, When Pigs Fly slot is rather profitable. One can win up to 500 000 pounds. It is recommended for those, who have big bankroll.

When Pigs Fly slot is a novelty in the world of slot machines and it is very well made. Maybe, not everyone will appreciate the graphics and the whole design, but the machine’s high quality is quite evident. Apart from cute pigs and the humorous situation in which they are placed, the game can boast interesting design features and the abundance of free spins. That’s what makes the game so dynamic. The storyline changes right in front of the player’s eyes. Fantastic prizes boost spirits immediately.

The machine’s design is truly unique: 5 reels and 1185 active paylines. Coin value is set with a special button on the control panel. The number of coins in a row can also be changed. The BET MAX button allows making maximum bet.

Spins are activated with a big round button with arrows. If the player wants to make multiple spins, he can use the autoplay option. If this mode is activated, the computer makes spins and collects prizes independently. Although, there is no scatter symbol, the game has a Joker which is designated as WILD. It brings the biggest prize. Besides, it supplements and enhances regular symbols. The game logo symbols also play a special role and have high rates.

While playing the test version, the player can familiarize himself with all the game features. This will help to be a better gambler in future.

An example of playing When Pigs Fly slot

There is a diamond-shaped field on the screen. It is not fully visible. We’ve decided to set the maximum bet. So, let’s press the round button with arrows. We won the prize and we got the payout. This is accompanied by a special melody. In the middle of the field a digit appeared. The field quickly changes its shape. Then, some more symbols have emerged.

On the right side of the screen we can see a pig watching the game and the digits, which mean that we have 6 re-spins left. The prize triggered 6 re-spins. While making the re-spins, we raised the payout to 1450 credits and the field became a square with 5 pictures in vertical and horizontal directions. Then we can see a pig wearing a spacesuit sitting in the spacecraft’s chair. We can also see a window with a button at the bottom. It turns on free spins.

We should press it, otherwise, free spins won’t launch. Free spins always bring greater prizes to gamblers. Every spin gives us a present: 1000, 1200, 4000 credits. When free spins are stopped, a message appears. It says that during this spin we earned 9950 credits.

Since 1 credit equals 0.02 pounds, we earned 199 pounds within a spin in the When Pigs Fly slot.