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Vegas Strip Blackjack slot is an excellent opportunity to play in one of the most popular games of cards. You will absorb the spirit of professional gambling in the best online casinos. Almost all offline halls operate by the same rules so that by learning them once, you’ll be able to adapt your style to any peculiarities.

Vegas Strip Blackjack: Game Rules

The game includes four standard decks without jokers. Cards are shuffled before each hand. Once the round starts, the banker gets two cards and reveals one of these cards. If it’s 10 or Ace, the banker checks whether he or she scored blackjack. This is the main game principle, but there are some subtleties as well:

  • If the banker scores 17 or more, he can’t get more cards.
  • Doubling the initial bet is available for any pair of cards.
  • Doubling is also available after splitting, meaning you can increase the bet by two times after you divide the pair of identically ranked cards into two separate hands.
  • Splitting is allowed up to 3 times.
  • Aces can be split only once.
  • Blackjack is called “21 points”, if it’s formed after splitting.
  • A player can make insurance against blackjack from the banker, if the latter reveals an Ace.

Vegas Strip Blackjack may seem to be a bit complicated for a novice. Luckily, due to the loyal rules and some perks, you have all chance to make your way to the top exciting, profitable and almost risk-free!

Payments and Controls

The betting range starts at £1 and goes straight up to £200, which means both high-rollers and low-bettors will feel comfortable at the game table. You can gamble from 1 to 5 boxes. The slot does not provide prize games and a progressive jackpot, but hardly ever one can treat it as a drawback.

The prize groups are paid as follows:

  • Standard prize box – 1:1.
  • Blackjack – 3:2.
  • Client’s Insurance – 2:1.

From the visual perspective, the slot meets all Microgaming standards so that you will feel comfortable with the game options if you’re familiar with the products of this brand.

  • Deal/Hit: start a hand/get a card.
  • Stand: hold (get no more cards).
  • -/+ – choose the bet amount.
  • Split – divide the cards into two separate hands.
  • Double – increase the initial bet by 2
  • Surrender – quit the round.
  • Insurance/No Insurance.
  • Ins – client’s insurance against the banker’s blackjack in the first hand.
  • Bet – the bet that is at
  • Win – current winnings.
  • Credits – the number of credits on the balance.

Among other controls are an information window with tips, a button for enabling/disabling sound effects, as well as buttons to adjust the game speed and some other parameters.

Probably the most prominent feature of Vegas Strip Blackjack is the “Expert” mode that activates the pop-up window with a recommended strategy. You can adjust it up to your needs and style. Although there’s no universal recipe to break the bank, flexible options will help you to stay afloat, no doubt!

Vegas Strip Blackjack is one of the three most popular varieties of American blackjack, and you have to study it thoroughly to be able to beat your opponents and grow as a professional. The good news is that you don’t need to travel to Las Vegas to feel the unique atmosphere of the best gambling halls – online poker is no less intriguing and profitable!

However, it’s almost no reason to start your career with risking your money. Instead, enjoy a few days of buckshee gambling until you feel competitive enough. The demo mode will transfer you directly to Las Vegas, a home of fun and excitement.

Start your brilliant career in gambling right away!