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Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold slot is one of the most popular modern versions of the legendary blackjack. A famous gambling soft producer Microgaming developed it. The gameplay offers two decks without jokers; before dealing, they shuffle playing cards in the most careful manner.

The player may place bets on all the boxes at a time. The spread of rates is quite wide. The player has to take on the dealer, and his main aim is to score as many points as possible without rising beyond 21. Nevertheless, it is not the only way to capot the dealer.

It may be well be that the dealer rises beyond 21, and it means he has lost. However, one should not count on that every time. The dealer of the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold slot always stops at safety 17. The player gets the right to double his bet irrespective of the cards except for the blackjack. One can take new cards three times.

In addition, there is an opportunity to insure against the blackjack with the help of the dealer. In the beginning, he deals himself two cards and reveals one of them. If it turns out to be a ten or an ace, then there will be a blackjack check. In this case, the player cannot take new cards.

The main rules of the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold slot include the following conditions:

  • One may double if one has two cards of one kind or if one does it after split.
  • One can split cards of one kind.
  • One can split up to three times until 4 hands appear on the box.
  • The aces can be split only once, after that one has to add a card to each of them.
  • After the split, there is no chance of having the blackjack on the box.
  • There is no surrender.

The payout rates of the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold:

  • Ordinary box – 1 for 1;
  • Insurance – 2 for 1;
  • Blackjack – 3 for 2.

Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold features

Even beginners can win a big prize playing the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold slot, as luck is really important here. In addition, the conditions are quite flexible. All possible winning combinations bring a gain of the same amount with the initial bet.

Under favorable conditions, one may win on all five hands. You can play up to 10 hands, as all of them can be split in the case they consist of two cards of a kind or if their nominal is ten. It is a way to increase your prize several times.

There are no bonus rounds in the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold slot as well as no progressive jackpot.

The game has the same interface as the majority of “golden” games by this developer. There is no use of describing the meaning of the buttons on the control panel. During the first try even the beginner is able to understand what to do further, so be sure that the experienced gambling fans will find their bearings in this legendary game.

The slot offers some user settings, so the player gets an opportunity to turn off the sounds he does not like, to make a quick dealing, to repeat a bet automatically etc.

The Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold slot is a modern high quality online blackjack by a famous international developer. It is up to you to decide whether you like it or not. However, we are sure that this exciting game will strike the fancy of true gambling fans.

One can play the Vegas Downtown Blackjack Gold slot anytime. The high quality of this soft is a true crown to this cake, so the slot belongs to the golden collection of Microgaming for a reason.

All that is left to do is to choose a good online casino and plunge oneself into the intriguing world of luck and prizes.