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Tomb Raider slot machine with stunning graphics will teach you how to raid tombs profitably.

Very few people have never heard about Lara Croft, the Tomb Raider. This character of the series of computer games, the first of which was released back in1996, is loved by many gamers. Moreover, even those, who have never played any of the numerous games, are familiar with her thanks to a movie, based on games and comics.

In the unlikely case you hear this name for the first time, let us introduce you this character. She is Lara Croft, the scientist, archaeologist, and adventurer. One can hardly count all of the adventures she had. She constantly looks for treasures and ancient artifacts.

The slot machine of the same name, created by Microgaming, is the reference to these adventures. It looks like the developers are also fond of the fearless adventure seeker. Well, the players would only benefit from this in every sense of this word.

The gaming experience of the slot Tomb Raider machine is truly pleasant. Its graphic design is sustained in the style of the eponymous game series and the game-based movie. Undoubtedly, the fans of famous Lara Croft will like it.

In the Tomb Raider slot, you may set from 1 to 15 pay lines. You may also adjust the bet size and the number of auto spins. In general, the settings in this game fall into two types — default and advanced. The latter is for those, who want to experiment with the possibilities of the game. The only thing is that the risk play is absent. However, it can be hardly called a defect as there are more than enough winnings for everyone.

Tomb Raider slot machine features

The Tens — three of these symbols in a row bring you twice as much as you bet. With four you get 15 of your bets back and with five — 75 bets.

The Jacks — as in the case of the tens, a combination of three doubles your bet, a combination of four multiplies it by 15, and a combination of five – by 75.

The Queens — three in a row multiply your bet by 5, four — by 25 and five give you back your bet hundredfold.

The Kings — if three are three same ones in a row the win is the bet multiplied by 5, if four — by 50, and if there is a full set of five symbols you get back your bet multiplied by 100.

The Aces — three, four or five in a row give you the bet multiplied by 10, 50, and 125 respectively.

The Tiger — you get 15 times your bet for three, for four — 75 times and for five — 250 times.

Tomb Raider — one of the symbols with the image of the game’s main character gives you 20 bets back for three in a row. For four in a row you get your bet hundredfold, and for five in a row you get 500 bets.

The Mysterious Amulet — perhaps, it is a lucky symbol it gives a pretty big win. You get your bet multiplied by 50, 100, or 500 if you see 3, 4, or five Amulets in a row respectively.

Lara Croft — the famous adventurer got two roles in this game at once. Here is the second of them — the role of scatter. Two of them double up your bet, three — multiply it by 4, four — by 50, and five — by 400. In addition, if three or more of them appear you will get 10 free spins, during which each win will be tripled.

The Tomb Raider logo — the joker, replacing any symbol except for scatter. It brings you 5, 200, 2000, or 7500 bets if there are two, three, four, or five of these symbols in a row respectively.

The Golden Idol — three or more launch a bonus game, where you can choose several figures. Each of these figures is an opportunity to win. How many of them you get, depends on how many bonuses appeared. For three, you may win from 36 to 1500 credits, for four — from 48 to 2000, for five — from 60 to 2500.

Like many other Microgaming products, the Tomb Raider slot machine is worth noticing. It may take a liking of even those gamblers, who have never played the original games and have never seen the movie. The slot is so colorful that the minimal soundtrack doesn’t look like a downside. And those who want to get the most of the games will appreciate the flexibility and abundance of settings.