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Thunderstruck II slot will acquaint the gambler with the gods of the Vikings and provide him with numerous bonuses and money prizes.

The Microgaming studio developers are ready to create slots of any subject matter, regardless of the context. And most importantly, these slots are always qualitatively designed and tastefully decorated.

The Thunderstruck II slot machine is the pinnacle of the creativity of the Microgaming developers. They have realized that the theme of Norse mythology has been gaining momentum in recent years and people take more interest in Odin, Thor and Loki, as well as their descendants – the Vikings. Therefore, the studio decided to take advantage of this fact and create the Thunderstruck II slot machine.

The game turned out to be really beautiful and Nordic. As of today, minimalism is in vogue, and if you combine it with the real spirit of the Vikings, the harsh warriors of the North, you will get something truly grand and monumental.

At first glance, it is an ordinary emulator. You face the same five drums, bets, and odds. But when you look at the number of lines, you realize that something immense is waiting for you.

The first thing that the novice gambler should choose is the number of credits in one coin. This is done with a switch. The range varies from 0.1 to 0.5. You can regulate the bet on the line using the field “coins”. In addition, the “max bet” button is provided for those who want to immediately start playing for high stakes. It allows you to place the maximum bet.

In order to make one rotation or to play the Thunderstruck II slot machine, you need to click on the “spin” button. You can clarify the information on payments and rules using the field “view pays”.


As for the wild symbol, it is the most desirable element in most modern slot machines. The wild symbol is the very assistant, which brings huge prizes even when there are no winning combinations. In the Thunderstruck II slot machine, the wild symbol is represented by the voluminous logo of the game. This symbol can replace any symbol but the bonus. It also brings highly profitable combinations.

The hammer of Thor with the inscription “bonus” activates the profitable bonus mode and is used in winning combinations. But in order to make profit, it has to take place on any field of the drum and not just on the active line.

Thor is the owner of one of the most powerful weapons and almost crowned king of Asgard. So, he takes the first place in terms of profitability. This young God, who has gone through dozens of battles, can generously reward someone who is brave enough to take risks.

Odin is the father of Thor and no less severe warrior. He takes pride of the second place. It’s enough to gamble deep to please the old warrior.

And, finally, another hero of the Scandinavian myths and legends is Loki. He is often associated with cunning, but even the most insidious gods can be quite generous.

Valkyrie (Odin’s daughter), Golden City (Home of the Gods) and the Viking ship, which is a constant attribute of the northern legends that served as a means of transport and the final resting place of some Vikings, will also give good odds to the brave hero.

The common card symbols are next. These are A and K, and the other pair, i.e. Q and J. And, finally, the last two symbols are 10 and 9.

Bonus Game

Sometimes the “wild storm” bonus is activated. The storm begins and the lightning strikes randomly the symbols, turning them into the “wild” ones.

The real prize can be won with the help of the bonus game. It is activated after three bonus symbols appear on the drums and has four stages.

This slot machine will show you the world of the Norse warriors.