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Supernova slot includes a cosmic bonuses and the virtual environment of deep unexplored space.

The people can never stop thinking of distant stars’ cold light and secrets of alien planets in deepest expanses. No telescope is able to catch even a glimpse of such deep space.

The slot really surprises even at first sight. Being a creation of the famous and fabulous Quickspin developer team, Supernova is completely different to any of its “colleagues” thanks to its highly colored look with fantastic background soundtrack. Vivid animation on winning literally mesmerizes you.

A little bit unusual look of Supernova slot may firstly. Actually, there are 2 playing fields instead of habitual one. The first field features a 3×3 cell with 27 winning lines. Combos lay together from left to right, while the lines are almost inessentials. The mean is that images are not necessary to be in one row; their aim is to settle at all the columns.

The second playing field is a bonus one; let’s leave it for a while. Just think of Supernova as a three-reeler, even if you see 5 reels there at first glance. 2 right reels are additional ones. Now is the turn of Supernova’s terms with their descriptions, plus some of its secrets.

Fast Play: speed ups the reels’ spin a little bit, making wins come some earlier. This option is for impatient gamblers.

Bet Level: the bet’s amount within the range from 0.01 to 2 coins. The bet is customized by button. Total Bet: the minimal is 0.25 coins; the maximal is 50 coins. Win: amount of your previous winning, already calculated with all coefficients and multipliers. A very handy option indeed. Circular Arrow (its image): start of manual game mode. AutoPlay: spinning in automatic mode, without player’s attention.

Atomic-looking star with orbits: there are 3 types of the star in the Supernova slot machine: beige-pink, green and purple. A secret hint for thoughtful users: they differ from each other not just by color, but also by their orbits’ amount. The payment on their combo is triplicated; keep in mind that the symbols’ color must be equal.

Green Supernova: having three of the Greens in a row, you get 15 times more than your bet.

Blue Supernova: Much the same way as the previous Green Supernova, the Blue one multiplies your bet by 15 times.

Orange Supernova: The most valuable symbol. It multiplies your bet by cosmic fifty (yes, 50!).

Supernova: The Blue Sun with Wild. The Wild changes any other star on the first reel.

Additional field is a two-reeler with bonuses (or, simpler, the multipliers). It spins right after winning combo of the first field. There are two reels; both are devoted to multiply your win according to the multiplier dropped. Just keep in mind that the winning line is only the middle one, while both up and down bring nothing. Another secret of Supernova slot is that the middle line doesn’t spin if there is Worm-Hole on the first one. The multiplier does not work in this case.

Wormhole (or Black Hole). Its appearance on the first reel cancels the bonus multiplier, but it doesn’t cancel the win of the main field. In other words, when there is a multiplier at the main field and the second field has the Wormhole symbol, the main multiplier is not cancelled at all – it still works. Just forget about the second one.

Multipliers in Supernova slot:

  • x2: doubles the winning.
  • x3: trebles it.
  • x5: get a 5-times more prize.
  • x10: ten. As easy as additional zero from the right. And yes, it multiplies your winning 10 times.

Add here the most desirable of previous multipliers and imagine a fantastic (still very possible!) x100 at your game.

Space is an inexhaustible source of fantasy that has already created thousands of movies and unimaginable amount of videogames. Still the cosmic theme remains really exciting and never ending – so get ready for the online game that completely deals with space: Supernova slot.

Fantastic cosmic animation consisting of suns and orbits in addition to the proper music background is nice feature. And the multiplying nature of Supernova slot machine assumes good payout with high appropriate winnings.