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Sparks slot is a modern multifunctional universal hazard gambling machine, that has a unique realization.

Playing this fascinating slot you’ll feel how precisely were its engineers developed such slot gaming. It’s obviously, developers of NetEnt company tried to take into account all desires of modern Sparks slot fans. This gambling machine stays in great demand.

Symbols of Sparks slots are designed in the shape of twinkling atoms, butterflies or letters. These bright and attractive signs will create your good mood and fighting spirit. Moreover, the whole idea of Sparks slot is devoted to cheerful lights and everything connected with them. At the first glance, Sparks machine resembles a desktop of some unknown operational system. Sparks means little fire stars in general interpretation from English. So, different lightening figures on a screen are understandable.

There are no reels at this game as we accustomed to use. All symbols of Sparks slot are rendered on screen as into dark blue air. The playing area graphic representation has a form of 5 x 3 lines and winning combinations are gathering at 20 lines. Moreover, they can start from left to right and from right to the left. Besides there is one more unexpected feature in Sparks slot. It is Expanding Cloning Wild. This character complements its usual wild analogue, but scatter and bonus spins are absent at Sparks slots.

The slot has 10 symbols totally. 5 of them belong to the senior category, 5 others – to the junior. The characters senior category of Sparks slot are the above mentioned blinking lights. Red sparks bring the highest prize, blue ones are less payable. The junior category of characters consists of traditional playing cards: from A to 10. To obtain a payable win with all symbols they should be in minimum amount – 10 figures.

Usual wild symbol of slot gaming is W sign with a blue background. As all other modern slots it can replace any other pictures and creates in this way winning combinations from ordinary unions.

Besides, it can individually collect winning combinations. The Expanding Cloning Wild is a rare character of modern slots. It operates in a following way. At first a special wild appears. It’s the same letter W, but with orange background. In spite of received combination it firstly expands for 1 or 2 vertical symbols and after that clones left signs in direction to the right. Thanks to it a combination gets at least 3 similar signs in a row.

An Expanding Cloning Wild can appear only at 2 or 4 reels. Spark slot gambling machine gives gamers a possibility to select paying systems according combinations individually.

As standard, all sequences are considered from the left to the right. But after the button with 2 sides arrows pushing the combination will be counted from the both sides. Moreover, the price of symbols will be changed nearly in 2 times and the same way chance to create winning sequences increases.

According the opinion of many experienced fans of Sparks slot it seems that one way mode is much money-making in the play process. In spite winning payouts are more rare. Therefore it possible to stress that two sides mode suits better to admirers of relax play with less of risk. Such function of selection winning combinations is rather seldom for modern slots and it causes an interest.

To check it in practice, it’s reasonable to start your experience playing Sparks slot. It permits to understand all nuances of the game and decide towards optimal conditions for a pleasant and profitable time spending. As you can see this slot gambling machine was created with unusual rules. So Sparks gaming is rather unique between all other slots with very close rules.

You’ll get a guarantee of an interesting play while its options permit to fight for the largest prizes.