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Space Wars slot machine from NetEnt is going to surprise active users with a traditional combination of quality and interesting plot.

The majority of astronauts’ and scientists’ versions come down to one thing – there are many rational beings in the space, excluding humans. Space Wars game gives all willing the opportunity to meet extraterrestrial creatures. Aliens have bizarre appearance and aggressive attitude, and it’s not surprising – they don’t like their territory invasions. The reason for such behavior is untold wealth, which belongs to their race and is guarded strictly.

It is useless to fight for the right of owning the treasures, because aliens have progressive technologies at their disposal. However, it’s too soon to despair, after all, they like gambling even on other planets! In other words, you can just win these treasures by risking and making a bet.

Space Wars slot machine has 5 habitual reels and 40 pay lines. Each line participates in every spin, so you can not choose the active ones. The size of bet varies between 1 and 10 coins and can be made by the key “bet one”. You are able to choose exchange rate that you want. The maximum bet is £400.

The interface of this video-slot is brightly colored and resembling a scene from some fantastic film. Control buttons are in the bottom of the screen. Among them – the big button in the center, which starts the spinning. The key “autoplay” can also run the game, but on uninterrupted basis. The reels will be spinning until the user runs out of money or the user wants to stop the process himself. Clicking on the “Paytable” will discover all the secrets of Space Wars slot machine and show the payout ratios of all the symbols of the game.

With the development of gambling industry, free versions of slot machines became available. Every player can visit the website and join to Space Wars slot machine spinning. Virtual coins can replace real money, but the prizes will be virtual too. Such mode lets users learn the nuances of video-slot and estimate their capabilities, but with time, they seek to play in the paid mode for real awards.

Space Wars slot machine is created according to declared topic, and its characters look very natural and extraterrestrial. The prize combinations are lining up starting from the first reel. The combination is paid for if there are three or more than significant symbols located on the active lines.

The significant symbols are the red crystal and the aliens. There is also the Wild symbol, which can not form a combination itself, but can complete the one already existing and make it more beneficial.

The features of Space Wars slot machine

There are no additional options like the risk-game or bonus rounds, but the slot has another interesting thing called “feature”. After making up a prize combination, the player is given the opportunity to implement additional free spin. In this case, the bet remains the same. After the payment, all the symbols forming the prize combination go the “cloning compartment” on the right side of the screen.

Here they are mixed and are lining up in the paying space randomly. The chances of getting a prize combination again are very high. Moreover, the gameplay lets gain money for all the combinations formed in this spin (there are 40 lines!). Thus, it is hard to imagine how much money you can win at once.

To play for free or for money – the decision is always up to you. Nice, funny aliens will surely please your imagination, the frequency of getting prize combinations will give you coveted award and the atmosphere will let you relax and enjoy the game! Everyone can try Space Wars slot machine, all you need is to find a suitable online casino on NetEnt platform from list on our site.