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South Park slot machine offer a cool prize game with the story that transmitted with a particular black humor.

The South Park slot machine is overfilled with various options that make the game not only interesting, but also extremely profitable. Players can try their luck in several bonus rounds and three mini-functions. Return of the bet in this slot is 96%. The maximum size of the gaining can reach 1 250 000 coins.

The graphics of the slot completely conveys the incredible atmosphere of the South Park. Characters are also moving in jerks, and somewhat angular, animated cartoon. The game process is very dynamic, without any delays. There are 5 reels, 25 pay lines and 3 horizontal lines on the panel of the slot. A wide range of rates allows any category of users, regardless of the level of material wealth, to play in the South Park gaming machine for real money.

Cartman is one of the game’s bonuses. It is activated, when the image of the fire extinguisher appears for the third time. The maximum winning amount is 5000 initial bets, but this prize can also be very impressive. In the Cartman bonus, the player can try two times. If at the first attempt a symbol with the image of a policeman was opened, this means just a warning. The second similar result will lead to the arrest and completion of the game. The policeman will smoke out the hippies from the bushes and get money for it in the bonus round. If he manages to smoke out a hippie with a tape recorder, then the bushes are jumble up again and the bonus begins again.

The so-called bonus Wall is another bonus round. Its appearance as the third character activates the bonus in the main game. There are free spins with wild symbols remaining by 2 rotations in this round. The wild symbol is initially located in the center of the drum at the first rotation and remains in this place for 2 spins. If the wild symbols still appear in the course of these 2 rotations, they will also remain immobile. The counter for each wild symbol in this case is displayed on the left at the top of the screen. If there is at least one wild symbol located on the field the spin will continue plus one rotation without them. After the end of the round, the winnings will be counted.

Kenny’s bonus is activated when it appears as the third symbol on the last reel. The player must conduct Kenny on a road filled with various dangers – huge birds, fast cars passing, falling planes. If this dangerous path can be overcome after all, it is possible to count on a gain of 25000 coins. Perhaps this bonus round can be considered the most exciting and interesting in the story. If a question mark symbol appears, this will ensure multiplication of subsequent wins over several moves.

The Kyle’s bonus is opened if the third symbol of the bonus on the last reel is the corresponding image. The boy will be beating up the baby, who is gaining in the winning positions and bringing substantial rewards. So, the player can get 3 additional free games, coins, a multiplier of winnings from 2 to 10.

Advantageous mini-options are activated in a random order, and provide wild spin symbols where this function is opened. All these mini-options are built on a similar identical scenario. Their intention is to provide wild symbols. The exception is Cartman’s mini-function, it is capable of activating 9 wild symbols at the same time and completely closing 2, 3 and 4 drums.

From 3 to 5 wild symbols are activated by the Terrance and Phillips function vertically. Activation is possible only on 2, 3 and 4 drums. Mr. Hankey’s function means a similar operating principle, but wild symbols are formed by a worm on 1, 3 and 5 reels. It is possible to win a really big prize at the expense of these mini-functions with the concurrence of luck.

All game characters can bring good betting multipliers, so in the South Park slot machine it’s really possible to win it at any moment. Black humor can also be profitable.