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So Much Sushi slot machine is the most delightful game for hungry adventure seekers. The atmosphere of the premium Japanese cuisine and sushi rolls bring you pretty good sums of money!

The So Much Sushi video slot is a five-reel game developed by the Microgaming professionals who seem to be the real fans of the Japanese food.

Uniqueness and irregularity are the main features of the So Much Sushi gambling machine. However, the interface is classical and intuitive. The slot has 25 pay lines and their quantity cannot be decreased.

The players can change the bet and nominal of their coins by using the BET button. Smooth background music is aimed to make the process even more pleasing and absorbing.

The bet depends upon the nominal and number of coins. The minimum betting starts with £0.25 with the lowest coin value is £0.01. The maximum bet can be increased up to £100 provided the coin nominal is £0.2 and the number of betted coins is 20.

The payout system is non-standard. While the classical card symbols are paid as always depending on the number of identical cards in a row, the high-valued symbols (the images of rolls and sushi) are paid in a bit unusual way.

Features and peculiarities of the So Much Sushi slot

  • Ten – for three Tens, you will receive from 0.05 to 20, for four Tens – from 0.15 to 60, for five Tens – from 55 to 220 credits.
  • Jack – payouts are the same as for the tens combinations.
  • Queen – for three Queens, you will earn from 0.08 to 32, for four – from 0.2 to 80, for five – from 0.75 to 300 virtual coins.
  • King – the sum of credits is the same as for the Queen.
  • Ace – three Aces are credited with 0.15 up to 60 coins, four aces will bring you from 0.35 up to 140 coins, and five aces – from 1.1 up to 440 credits.

And now a few words about special symbols in the So Much Sushi slot.

You will be paid out once you get from 6 to 25 special symbols on a screen. Please, do not get surprised. These combinations are possible even in a five-reel slot machine. The matter is that if there are three or more similar icons on a reel, every of these icons will be duplicated. The quantity of rolls and sushi on a line may vary from one to five. Such an outstanding feature of the So Much Sushi slot creates much more winning opportunities in comparison to other gaming machines.

Below, we will provide you with essential information about minimum and maximum payouts for the special symbols:

  • Green roll – your winnings may vary from 0.3 to 32000 credits;
  • Salmon roll – such a combination is rewarded from 0.4 up to 40000 coins;
  • Nori roll with caviar will bring you from 0.5 to 48000 virtual coins;
  • Sweet shrimp is valued from 0.6 to 56000 credits;
  • White roll – your winning is from 0.7 to stunning 64000 coins.

The So Much Sushi logo is a wild symbol which can substitute any symbol except for the scatter. Joker can be added to these combinations so that in total these symbols will make: three icons are credited from 0.55 to 220, four – from 5.5 to 2200, and five – from 75 to 30000 coins.
Soy sauce with wasabi is a Scatter. The winning is triggered when two, three, four or five icons with the Scatter appear in any position on a screen. And you can win from 0.25 up to 7500 coins for such a combination. Moreover, the combination of three-to-five scatters will give you from 8 up to 16 free spins.

The So Much Sushi slot machine is one of the most generous video games. It provides the participants with a plethora of winning opportunities due to the bonus spin rounds and high-value Scatter combinations.

A tasty, Japanese-style design and intuitive interface complement the So Much Sushi’s enormous popularity.