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Shoot slot reminds football fans about the legendary masters of this sport. The gambling machine returns all users to the golden era of football, where world football stars and fantastic prizes are waiting for you.

Five drum machines and fifty game lines tells football fans about hard training, busy schedule, injuries and fierce competition of famous athletes. The total bet on spin can reach £100.

To receive payment, you must collect three or more identical pictures on the active strip. Pictures should be located from the first column from left to right. The oldest group is paid. Several paid chains are added and immediately sent to the player’s account. There is no risky round and no accumulative jackpot.

The amount of payment is calculated by multiplying the rate by the coefficient of this figure. The winnings table contains the multiplication factors of all the icons located on the icons of Shoot slot.

Legendary masters of football at different times are characters of Shoot slot:

  • Cruiff;
  • Best;
  • Pele;
  • Maradona;
  • Buckenbauer;
  • Keegan.

Also on the playing field are balls and various accessories of football matches.

Special signs in this game are Wild and Bonus. The inscriptions on the pictograms denote these figures. Wild is able to replace any symbols except Bonus. Bonus can form a paid chain and run Bonus round.

In the main game there is also a picture, with the inscription of FREE Spins, it launches a series of free spins (from 10 to 35 revolutions), if you play for money in Shoot slot. These revolutions are made at the current rate, but are later doubled. In the process of free rotation, the gambler always increases his accumulations.

Bonus Game

Three or more pictures of BONUS launch a bonus round of Trade’Em. The round opens on the secondary screen. Here you will see twelve cards with portraits of different football players. A casino-online player must choose four cards. The result of this round will be known after these four cards are opened.

Features of Shoot slot

In Shoot slot you can play for free. This version of the game is convenient in order to learn the purpose of buttons, learn how to spend virtual loans. When the training coins are finished, the page is reloaded and the wrappers are filled in on the game account.

Experienced players in this mode are entertained, they get great pleasure from meeting with the stars of world football in one match. The new players receive invaluable experience, study the algorithm of the game, develop their tactics.

Learn the basic user settings like fast spin, turn on the sound. There are windows that reflect the balance of coins or credits. The information window also shows the size of the winnings.

When you feel that you have gained enough experience, you should start the Shoot slot for money game. Choose a gambling establishment, register your personal account and make a deposit. Turn on Shoot slot and go to a virtual football match.

An example of a game in Shoot slot

On the account about 2000 credits. Include all 50 active lines. There are 20 coins on one line, at cost of 0.1. The total bet on the spin is 100 coins. We press on the back. One turn brings 174 coins. The account is 2074 coins.

Rotate another turn. The prize of 200 coins drops out. Now we have about 2174 coins. In a few minutes we already earned 174 coins. If the coin is 0.1 pound, then we get 17.4 pounds. Then you can continue the game or exit it. You already have a profit, so both options will be good.