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The Sharky slot machine is a online gambling game, very unusual in design and functionality.

It was developed by the Novomatic company and does not lose its entertaining value and, most importantly, its rather high profitability and gaming appeal in gambling communities around the whole world for almost ten years. This gaming machine, also called Sharky Pirate, will capture the attention of players who are fond of stories about brave sailors: those young daredevils who accidentally got into the ship crew, and managed to win respect and become real glorified free pirates, despite their youth.

The Sharky online slot represents all the moments that have been reflected in the literature. For example, about a very young pirate who managed to swim in the waters where everything is teeming with malicious sea monsters, to find treasures or to accidentally stumble upon hidden or drowned chests with gold, which are spoken about at all pirate gatherings. Sharky is a young pirate who acquires a ship with lifeboats and all other pirate accessories, such as weapons and a small parrot, and goes to sea voyages in search of additional gold. With him, any enthusiast of sea adventures will be able to earn some money (virtual for a start), playing with excitement at the most romantic pirate slot machine of Sharky.

This game is designed with 5 rotating reels with active paylines, the number of which (from 1 to 9) is chosen by the player himself. Its rules and features can be recognized and understood almost intuitively. Three positions of each reel allow creating combinations of numeric and alphabetic characters, as well as relevant pictures, which can bring multiple wins to the bet in case of luck. You should make a bet with the corresponding button (Bet/Risk).

Before the game starts, pressing the button changes the bet on the line, while after the bonus game this launches the risk game where you can double your winning by guessing the color of the suit of the hidden card. The risk game ends in the event of a loss (in this case, the entire winnings are reset), or if the player refuses to continue. Different prize combinations can bring winnings with different values, the generation rules for which can be viewed and examined by pressing the Paytable button. Symbols with the smallest value are numerical and alphabetic, more serious are the crossed pirate sabers and chests with treasures, while the pirate Sharky and parrot images allow you to get the most valuable prizes.

One of the features of the Sharky slot machine is the bonus game: The symbols with images of a ship and an island that fell on the reels No. 1 and 5 give you the right to rotate the reels 10 times for free at the last bet. If during these free rotations the image of the ship appears again, you will gain more additional free bonus rotations. In addition, the boat with the pirate Sharky will appear, as if descended from the ship. It floats along the corresponding active line through all the reels, grabbing treasure chests and increasing the winnings until it meets the image of a shark attacking the boat. The pictures of a ship and an island are a kind of scatter symbols that increase the size of the winning. In cases of winnings, the free rotations clearly illustrate how prize combinations are formed on active lines, and what payments are made on each of these lines.

The Sharky slot machine has one more scatter symbol – a compass, which can improve the prize combination at a lucky coincidence. The portrait of the Sharky pirate is a wild symbol that can replace any other character, except for the loose image symbols, which can miraculously improve, or even create a winning combination.

The player, who is tired of starting the game by pressing the START button, can rest and drink some tea with lemon, imagining that this is a pirate rum. At the same time, he can observe the progress of the game if he first presses the AutoGame button. The process will go automatically until the sad moment, when the player’s account runs out of money, or when the player refuses to continue the auto game.

Of course, the players who have trained enough in the free game, learned its rules and principles, can proceed with the more emotionally and romantically saturated and, most importantly, potentially profitable game for real money.