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Rugby Star slot machine is devoted to an interesting sport – rugby. Five reels without traditional activated pay lines offer 243 gifts to someone who wants to take part in a gambling competition.

Playing this sporty gaming slot is healthy and safe for cash. Since there are no usual horizontal lines in the machine, the bet is made for one spin. It is always divided into 50. The bet on rotation changes from one to ten coins.

Drawings of two kinds, simple and special, present on the screen of the slot. Common symbols become payable if they lining up on the neighboring reels, starting from the far left, three, four and five in a row. The longest line is a winning combination. The amount is calculated by multiplying the bet by the rate of the particular symbol, according to the winnings table.

If several winning combinations appear for one turn, the money is summed up and instantly transferred to the player’s coin box. Doubling of prizes is not performed in Rugby Star slot because the CHANCE game is absent.

As usual, the Microgaming team created a gambling machine with excellent graphics, and bright, lively colors. The outstanding sound effects transfer the visitors of the casino into the realistic atmosphere of the sporting event.

Special Symbols

Among the symbols on the slot screen are Wild – the logo of this game and the Scatter- an oval rugby ball.

Wild appears in the middle columns of the slot and goes in whole strips creating winning combinations. Wild has the ability to replace any pictures except the Scatter. In randomly chosen spins, two columns can be completely filled with the Wild sign.

The Scatter is paid regardless of its location. It is not tied to one reel or line. Three oval balls launch free spins if you play for the money in the Rugby Star slot machine. There can be fifteen, twenty and twenty-five free spins. The casino makes bets for the player while these spins and the Rolling Reels option also works. The presence of this original option leads to the possibility of getting many prizes in a row.

Also, additional multipliers of up to10 are included in the game process during free spins. More details can be found in the reference section. The game does not offer any bonus and thematic rounds.

Features of the Rugby Star slot

The Rugby Star gaming machine has an automatic rotation option. It is provided for the comfort of those who are often busy. It is very convenient to enable automatic reels spinning and observe the process without touching the keys. The hardware of the personal computer will independently rotate and add prizes to the client’s cashier. And the player at this time can enjoy watching the process of the bright game. The autoplay mode also has certain settings. One can choose a particular number of spins and stop time.

The display has buttons that can adjust the quality of sound, images, and speed of the gameplay. In the window displaying the current balance, the player can click to open a sub-menu and specify the preferred currency for getting the report.

The button opening the paytable contains general rules. But for those who want to know the reference details, there is a reference section hidden under another button. It is usually located at the bottom left and is indicated by a small letter “i”.

Choose a casino, register, make a deposit and get grand winnings from incredible Rugby Star slot.