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Reel Rush slot machine is the best choise for those who don’t like difficulties, but still looks for variety.

The NetEnt Company confirmed that their new work would destroy the traditional rules and principles of slot games. There is a completely new vision of gambling, and as experience shows people like it very much. Besides, the announced payout is 97%, so it is worth the risk.

The Reel Rush slot machine is intriguing from the very first glance. The main theme of the slot are sweets: a variety of fruits and candies that are so loved by women. We must say, that a lot of men like sweets as well, but they seldom admit it. Although the fruit-and-candy interface repeatedly used in other similar slots, the NetEnt Company tried to create a different thing. Original design, quality interface and unusual rules will interest even veteran players. The most important fact is that you won’t grow weight from this “sweets”, but your financial account will.

So, The Reel Rush slot has 5 reels and 5 rows of symbols. There are any usual lines, the number of which should be chosen. The user is going to make combinations, which are counted from the first left reel and there must be at least three symbols. You can make any bet, but it must be a multiple of 50, the minimum is £100 per spin. Bets are made in coins, the value of which the player determines within the proposed range.

After user made his bet, the game starts and the thing is that not all the coils are active and playing field remains a diamond. The field can be extended by making extra spins and it also extends the gambler’s possibilities. After every new extension relies one free extra rotation, but not more than five times.

The emulator is fitted with an automatic mode, so if the size of your bet will remain the same during the game, try to use “Autoplay”. There is no progressive jackpot in the game, but the main prize is 480000.

The main theme of the game is such a tasty symbols: colorful candies, plums, lemons and pineapples, stars. Each picture has its own multiplier, which increases the rate in the appropriate size:

  • Oval lollipops of any color give from 5 to 50 credits;
  • Strawberry, plum, watermelon, blackberries and lemon will multiply in 10, 50, 150, 200, 500 and 1000 times;
  • Gold star is a special icon of the game, it is so-called Wild symbol, which easily replaces any other picture in the game. It can occur anywhere, with the exception of the first reel.

There is no scatter in this slot machine, but it doesn’t mean that the player loses the opportunity to obtain free spins. The eight free spins appear as soon as the user expands the whole game field.

Any player can reach the bonus part of the game by forming the prize combinations. That’s why you have to win six times in the raw to open the whole game field and activate bonus.

The Reel Rush slot machine is rather easy to play. Perhaps at first the game will seem unusual, but that’s the NetEnt company’s surprise. It wanted to present something unusual, brand-new, but simple and affordable at the same time. This slot even devoid of the risk-game, which gives the possibility to increase a prize twice.

This unusual slot-machine allows to win a significant amount of money without difficulties. The coefficients of the symbols are quite high compared to other slots.