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Red Dog slot is an exciting and profitable card game that will make you feel the taste of victory.

Simple rules and higher payoff ratios made this slot extremely popular among gambling fans. Perfectly drawn backgrounds are in accord with the other graphic elements. The developers put much attention to the design of the playing table that is traditionally semicircular. The objects of the visual interface are conveniently arranged and there are no needless functions, so the navigation of the gambling slot is perfect.

The Red Dog slot is an interesting card game, however, it has a few differences from the original poker that make it unique.

The game offers simple rules, but requires some practical skills. In order to gain them, one should try a free mode that allows learning all the details of the playing process without risking money.

At first, one should set a stake rate. After that, they pick up two cards from the pack, and the player will see their rank and suits. However, the suit has no influence on the gaming process. You should pay the key attention to the ranking. Further, you have to choose to continue playing or stop the game. If you continue, you will see the third card that will be crucial.

To bring a win, it should have the rank smaller than the previous two cards. For example, if the first were 2 and 5, and then you got 3, 4 or 5, you win. The more is the gap between the first and the second card, the higher is the prize. The player can refuse to continue, if only two cards from the three are already opened.

The main pack contains 52 cards without Jokers and any other bonuses. After each hand, the pack is shuffled or replaced by the new one.

Each card has a definite number of credits from 2 to 10 according to the rank. For example, the eight brings 8 points, the four gives 4, and the nine – 9. The card higher than the ten get one more point: the Jack is 11, the Queen – 12, the King 13, and the Ace respectively – 14.

In the red Dog slot a good deal depends on the gambler’s actions, that’s why it’s hard to calculate the average payoff ratio. Right decisions in different situations allow raising winning chances. In all circumstances, they are still higher than the ratios of the majority of other emulators. To learn more about the existing combinations and their meanings, you can study the table on the playing field.

Apart from the main winning combinations, there are additional opportunities. Three cards of the same rank make the Jackpot. If you get it, your stake will be multiplied by 11. For example, if you place £100 and get three Jacks or three sevens, you win £1100. The second positive circumstance is the ranking priority. In case one of the first two cards is higher in rank, and the other is lower at one point, you get a draw. For example, the six and the seven, or the two and the four. In that case, the stake is put back on the player’s account.

To choose and set the rate, one should push NEW BET. To start a new round, click START. In order to play a bonus game that multiplies the initial sum two times, you should push RAISE.

If you love adrenaline, play the risk game of the Red Dog slot. It can double your win. The major difference from other emulators is that you can try your luck even before the win. In other words, before opening the third card, you have an opportunity to double the current stake. However, you will be not able to put down the cards after that in the course of this round.

Many people choose the Red Dog slot as their favorite game. It is due to simple rules, pleasant design, unique music theme and frequent wins. More gambling and less doubts – it is the half of the battle.