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Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot machine invites all gamblers to plunge into the world of ancient Egypt to find the source of eternal youth.

Here the cells of the drums are arranged in the form of a pyramid in a very unusual way. In the first and fifth columns only three cells each. In the second and fourth – four squares with drawings. There are five pictograms in the middle column. This is how the game screen looks, until the drums rotate. On the screen, nineteen pictures lined up in the form of a pyramid.

There are no active lines, there are 720 winning combinations. Chains of paid pictures are lined up on adjacent drums, according to the winnings table. The bet is made for one turn of the drums, it must be divided by ten. There are ten different bet levels or ten coins of different value. The Pyramid Quest For Immortality slot has fairly simple and understandable rules.

Training in choosing the value of coins is helped by a device with arrows: Coin Value. The number of coins is selected using the LEVEL button. The bet size will be shown under the word BET. The current number of coins can be seen in the window from the right edge: Coins.

In the middle of the display there is a round button that activates a single rotation of the reels. To the left of the start key is a rectangle labeled Autoplay. When the drums spin a few turns in a row without stopping, this is the automatic mode of the slot. To the right of the start key rectangle with MAX BET – the maximum possible bet.

The Pyramid Quest For Immortality slot machine has an original option called avalanche. It is a chain of prize symbols, which suddenly explodes and disappears, new pictures fall into their place. New drawings are able to line up in new prize chains, which again explode. This process of avalanche can continue for a long time. In addition, with each step, the coefficients of the table are added multipliers, from one to ten.

Another interesting option of this slot machine is Wild Generation. When, during the standard drum rotations, the Wild symbol is at the top of one of the middle drums, it freezes in this place during the action of the Avalanche option. Thus, he makes up additional prize groups.

The main pictograms of the Pyramid Quest for Immortality:

  • Pharaoh;
  • Cleopatra;
  • The eagle;
  • Cobra;
  • Scarab;
  • Nominal maps, with drawings of Egyptian landscapes.

A special symbol here is only one – Wild. By itself, it is not paid for, but replaces any simple drawings, supplementing the prize payments and strengthening them. Also Wild participates in the option Wild Generation, strengthening the prize fund “Avalanche”.

On the display of a gambling machine there are keys for adjusting the bet, the number and value of coins. Drums are turned on by a round button located in the center of the display. There is an autoplay, adjustment of a sound and the screen. The key with the letter I opens the table of winning groups and rules of the game. Clicking on the question mark opens more detailed reference data. The slot opens directly in the browser, download does not require.

Thus, the Pyramid Quest for Immortality slot machine is a very smart hazardous game that will appeal to all adventure lovers. Here you can win big prizes.