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Premier Roulette slot machine is a virtual classic version of European roulette, with numerous settings, 3D format wheel, and the ability to make a variety of bets. Realistic design and excellent graphics from Microgaming attract lots of fans of this game.

The roulette is one of the conservative games. All possible types of bets were invented many decades ago. Therefore, the developers of virtual versions of this gambling entertainment can prove themselves in improving the quality of visual effects, interface design, and approach the virtual game process to a realistic game.

The roulette wheel is located in the central upper part of the playing field. It is made in 3D format. The spinning wheel looks completely realistic.

To the left of the wheel is a dialog box in which one can fine-tune the quality of the graphic image. If after the ball is thrown in, the player wants to see the close-up of the ball stop time and the dropped cell number, check the box, selecting Video Zoom. Checked Win Details allows seeing information about the winnings of each spin. Normal mode shows ball movement, Turbo mode speeds up the game, relieving the player from viewing this slow process.

In the same window, one can choose one of the six colors of the roulette wheel. Also, here it is possible to specify how many digits on the track will cover the bet on the neighbors. The information window located to the right of the wheel shows statistics to the players.

Roulette field

Of particular note is the fact how the roulette field is drawn. There are individual numbers, sectors, so-called neighbors. This markup allows making appropriate bets. And there is a division into three parts – 12 digits each, in two parts – 18 numbers each. Individual numbers – from one to 36 are placed in small squares. The number zero is in a separate sector. There is also a marking by colors – black and red numbers. Also, one can bet on even and odd numbers.

The mouse pointer highlights the numbers included in the bet that the player decided to make. To the right of the drawn field, there is one more window with special settings. There are two types of mode: Regular – standard, and Expert mode. In the expert version of the game, the Autoplay keys allowing automatic playing are activated. Also, a key Edit Layout appears. It sets the constant layout of rates. And also Call Bets – different rare types of bets.

Premier Roulette slot features

Opening the page of Premier Roulette slot, the player discovers several kinds of chips at the bottom of the playing field. The cost of the chips is different. It can be 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50 coins. Clicking on one of the chips, the player determines the size of the bet. The next click should be done in that square or sector, where he decided to put this chip.

However, while moving the cursor to the desired place a submenu informing about the bet limit at this point of the playing field may appear. Clicking on the PLAY button the third time the player start spinning. A virtual croupier throws a small ball. The place where it stopped can be seen in a close-up view by selecting the Zoom option that brings the maximum image of the stopping point of the ball.

The secret of receiving prizes in a roulette table can be that several chips allowed putting on the one wheel’s spin. As well as chips can be placed in a variety of places. That is, it’s possible to put the chip the way that it will choose numbers from the one to the eighteenth, or all the red numbers and odd ones.

Premier Roulette slot will allow any fan of the game to get not only positive emotions but also a certain amount of coins, in real or virtual currency, at his request.