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Playboy slot machine is designed for true players with passion for splendid supercars and long-legged beauty queens.

It attracts the players who know a lot about money, luxury and really brutal games. The slot machine allows such players to choose free bonus spins with gaining up to 243 different prizes.

All the game’s rules and controls are easy at a glance even for freshmen. And experienced gurus of slot machines will definitely gain multitudes of pleasant impressions while playing without looking back into their bankroll.

The five reels with cool girls, supercars and the most prestigious resorts’ seascapes are followed one by one in three rows. The card ranks are decorated with gentle signs of manicure sets and lipstick prints. The images and whole atmosphere of Playboys’ advises the player that only brutal men are allowed to try their luck here. The left row is the first one. Having the same images on three and more reels, you gain the prize. There are 243 winning combos here.

The slot’s paytable reveals all secrets of lucky spins and appropriate payments. Each image has its own wonderful mission of favoring pleasant presents to players. What a guy wouldn’t like to rip out the greatest jackpot and fell in love with the hottest girl? Who would refuse to ride a speedy hotrod and make a selfie with his girl and a luxury resort on the background?

You can try the slot with any options in Demo mode. Feel free to try any bets and autoplays, discover the tricks of the manual mode. Sounds on/off and other user’s preferences are available and easy to follow. The slot is rich with its useful manuals. One of the zest is 24/7 availability of polite girls of the support team.

The coins’ amount and rating are changeable. Your virtual credits will never end so practice as long as you wish to do it.

Some features of Playboy slot machine

Wild is a winning symbol, it can bring you up to 5000 common bets. Also the figure replaces any other image, except for Scatter, increasing your payments. The slot machine devoted to the glorious Playboy magazine, the player has an opportunity to get 1.215.000 coins into his account.

How can a real man refuse such a pleasant prospect? Needless to say that players are also attracted by the charming models that are depicted by the MicroGaming team’ artists with almost photographical quality.

A whole stack of magazines with the famous Rabbit is the Scatter. Scatter, while appearing in any place of the reels, produces great multipliers of payouts: 150; 300; 3000 and 30000. When this symbol appears more than 3 times, it enables a Bonus Game: the Playboy Club.

Meet some really beauty girls of the Club. They are here not only to appease your eyes, but also to give you a series of free spins.

KIMY is the first of the Club’s girls. She turns on 10 free spins with all payments multiplied by 5. Player can renew his free spins if there are 3 or more Scatters in the process.

Sophia meets players who are lucky enough to visit the PLAYBOY Club on the fifth time. The beauty gives 15 free spins and running Wild. The free spins are non-renewable.

Ashley appears in the Bonus Mode only after the tenth visiting the Club. She presents 20 free spins with a special feature of running reels and additional coefficients from 2 to 5. Player can not renew Ashley’s spins.

On the fifteenth visiting the PLAYBOY Club, you are welcomed by hot GILLIAN She rolls 25 free spins with Wild Night option. The Wild covers 1 to 5 slots of the reels in this Bonus Game. Gillian’s spins are also non-renewable.

The next stage of the Bonus Game is meeting with all the cuties together, when player can choose the spin option upon his own wish.

How to play Playboy slot machine, example with tips and tricks

We have 2000 coins. Let’s bet 30 of them for the first round. Pressing the Spin button… and we gain zero. Our bankroll is 1970 now.

Having good luck, we managed to take two prizes of 250 coins each, so the bankroll is 2410. Remember our account at the beginning, it was 2000? Let’s subtract the initial capital from the current balance: it is 410 coins of the net winning.

We got 410£ in just few minutes. No need to try the luck anymore, so let’s log out from the game into the Demo. Any time we want and any amount of spins we wish are available free – just virtual coins without any chance to waste real money.