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Pistoleras slot created by Microgming team is dedicated to the Wild West.

Are you ready to perform a legendary robbery? Then join three pretty hot and tempting cowboy girls who can handle with guns better than anyone else.

Three enchanting gangsters will show players the epoch of Wild West – the time when laws did not exist. Join the pretty thieves and help them to perform a robbery: they will share money with you.

Pistoleras slot features a bright and gripping interface. All decorations are made in details. Orange sunset adorns the background and contrasts with the white reels. Of course, beautiful thieves attract primary attention: their symbols are displayed on reels. Ladies keep guns in their hands which makes them even sexier. Besides, the slot has corresponding sound accompaniment that reminds us of Wild West and adds a realistic feel to the game process.

The slot features five reels and twenty five game lines. The number of lines differs from what we’re used to see on usual slots, and they can’t be deactivated. The symbols form three rows on the display.

How to play Pistoleras slot

So start the game or stop reel spinning, push Spin/Stop button. If you want to launch an automatic game, push AutoPlay button. Bet button allows choosing bet value, and Bet Max increases bet to the maximum.

Coins button allows selecting the number of coins per line. Coin value can be chosen with the help of Coins Size button. One of the main buttons – Pays – shows the information about winnings in the form of a table. Current account can be viewed with the help of Demo Credits button. Winning per one spin is shown, if you push Win button.

With Pistoleras slot you can win a lot of money thanks to the whole gamut of peculiarities and functions it provides. Besides, it has free spins and bonus game: you can win a pot of money if you hit the right targets. Each of 12 targets either has some credits, or none at all. If you miss, you get back to the regular. But if you guess the right targets, your winnings are multiplied. There is no risk game, so no jackpot is present.

You get a high gain, if three symbols with Pistoleras logo or two crossed guns coincide. When at least two Scatter symbols with a bag of coins appear on the screen, the bonus game launches. Wagon also serves as an additional Scatter symbol.

If at 3, 4 or 4 Scatter symbols appear, a player can get valuable prizes. The wagon will give him 15, 20 or 25 free spins correspondingly. The basic Scatter symbol launches bonus game: you can get up to £110000 playing it.

This game will be perfect for the bravest and the most stubborn players: not everyone can bear such game dynamics. With Pistoleras slot, you can get a real boost of adrenaline.

The pretty thieves hide guns and revolvers under their skirts. If five symbols of girls appear on one line, a player will win:

  • 1750 bets for the black girl;
  • 2000 bets for the red headed girl;
  • 2500 bets for the enchanting blonde.

If you want to get familiar with basic rules of the game, better try playing Pistoleras slot online for free. You will have a virtual account with 1000 coins.

Those who are craving to play the games of chance should definitely try Pistoleras slot. It has pretty high payout rate – 98.7% and a beautiful interface. With the full spectrum of bonuses and symbols, you have all chances to win a pot of money and become friends with the most dangerous thieves.