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Mermaid’s Pearl slot machine is magnificence and mysteriousness of underwater kingdom, where the jackpots are always stored for lucky people.

Slot Mermaid’s Pearl has been created especially for romantics. There are unusual ocean creatures, unbelievable treasures, hidden by the sands and algae in deep waters, bulk of sunk ships owing to its cargo or sea creatures intrigues. Gambling slot that is called Mermaid’s Pearl slot will let you discover a small part of sea world. You will find the pearls, sunk treasures and learn about the inhabitants of the world that are still unknown among the humans.

The rules and features of the game in Mermaid’s Pearl are getting clear right away, you just have to rotate the casual 5 drums with 3 symbol-pictures on each drum in any gambling cycle, that includes the active gambling lines with the numbers 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, which are chosen by the player himself, pushing the button with the needed designation of line numbers.

The game starts after pushing the specific button called START, which enables the drum and symbol-pictures movement, that would form some pretty prize combinations or in other words money. Regular number and letter symbols are not that valuable, but still desirable as they may form prize combinations in the lines chosen by the gambler.

Obviously the sum of money in the gambling slot machine Mermaid’s Pearl in some specific cycle depends on parlay which can be made by pushing the button called BET ONE and it also depends on the fortunate combination that happened during the game. All probable payments are provided in the table that can be seen after pushing the PAYTABLE button. There is the collection of all symbol-pictures as well as the prize coefficients that correlate to the number of lucky combinations while you playing.

The configuration of active gambling lines of Mermaid’s Pearl is seen right away, if push the special buttons from 1 to 9 in succession. The lucky combinations are also designated on the line, where they took place with the sum of prize. The sea horses, exotic fish, crabs and turtles will bring bigger prizes. The entourage of the sea world is an underwater romance that just adds the charm to chasing the sea treasures.

Scatter symbol is a coffer with doubloons and piasters that will bring you the prizes, starting from 2 appearances. 3 lucky appearances in any position of the main gamble zone will provide you with 15 free rotations that are targeted for the latest parlay; moreover, the final prize will be increased multiple times.

During gaming it is getting clear that the main character is Mermaid who is beautiful, mystical and brings luck. The look of this sea virgin, named Undina, is a wild symbol, which is capable to replace any other picture, with the exception of the coffer symbol with golden coins, strengthening the possibility of winning. Its lucky appearance, starting from 2 on one active line, will bring the multiple prize gain in the specific gaming cycle.

For risk game, the button GAMBLE should be pushed. After that it is necessary to guess the color of suits of the face-down card, choosing any of two designations like BLACK or RED. Such risky game for doubling of final prize.

For those who got tired of sea wonders, may have a rest without stopping the run, as it is possible to start the automatic game by pushing the AUTOMATIC START button. As a result, the game will run on its own and the player just have to monitor it.