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The Mermaids Millions slot machine is a deep sea treasures, a magnificent mermaid, beautiful fish, pearls, corals and much more. Every lover of the marine theme will definitely appreciate this slot machine. Each player will get a lot of impressions and a lot of profitable winnings.

The main king of the Atlantic Triton holds in his underwater castle a huge amount of treasures, which includes diamonds, emeralds, sapphires. Not everyone can approach them. Only the bravest players can get to the jewels of the sea king.

The world-famous slot machine company Microgaming has developed this awesome game. The Mermaids Million slot machine has a very fascinating plot and a variety gameplay. A large number of players praise the musical accompaniment of the game and impressive graphics. The interface of the game is very convenient, each person will be able to figure out how to play it. The rules of the game are very simple and understandable. Play for money in the Mermaids Millions slot machine is profitable and fun.

In the game there is a free training, which will help to understand the rules of the game and the purpose of the keys. To start a free exercise player have to press the spin button. After clicking on the button player will get a 2000 virtual chips. Player can spend them without fear, because it is free chips. The spin button activates the rotation of the reels. Training chips can be refilled by updating the page. You can make this update round the clock. Casino-online works at any time. Technical support accompanies you all 24 hours.

In total, there are 15 lines in the gaming machine. Each player independently choose which lines to activate. You can activate all 15 lines or just one.

In the left corner of the playing field there is a small window that shows the available money for the game. To the right are two cells: an expert and a certificate. To the right of them – plus and minus, specifying the cost of the coin. Above the number of lines, the cell is the payment view.

The wild symbol of this game is a portrait of the king Triton or Poseidon. It replaces other symbols, so that their value can increase several times. Five Tritons are valued at 7500 bets, four Tritons – 2000 bets. Three of the portrait of Triton multiply the rate 200 times, and two portraits – 5 times.

There is a scatter in the game, which is paid regardless of the place of appearance, when two skaters fall out at once, the rate doubles. Scatter in this game is a portrait of a beautiful sea maiden.

When three identical bonus icons fall on one active band, the player gets the option of an additional game called «Treasure Bonus». If player activate this mode, the game is transferred to the seabed, where there are several closed chests with treasures. The player must choose three of them.

Example of the game

For example, the account has 2000 credits available for the game. All 15 lines are activated. Each bet is set at 5 coins. Then the total bet per turn is 75 coins. After that, you can click on the spin button.

The result is a one scatter, multiplies the bet twice. The prize is 150 coins.

There is a scatter that multiplies the bet twice, that is, the prize is 150 coins. Then the total account is replenished by 75 coins.

In this game it is very easy to win, it is fascinating and interesting. Any person will be able to earn big money for a small amount of time.