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Just Jewels Deluxe slot is a splendor set of jewels. A professional player who successfully spins the reels will certainly get all the jewels.

An advantage of Just Jewels Deluxe is the highest possible wins percentage; still the slot is a fairly simple to operate. The slot’s colorful design in gem style, all the fun-loving gameplay intricacies are easy to understand. Even if there are no difficulties in the process, the jackpot may reach ultimate values.

The Just Jewels Deluxe slot machine was specially designed for simplicity. Nothing superfluous, only the necessary things that must be in any slot machine.

Just Jewels Deluxe gameplay

The developers have created a free-of-charge game option. The free spin allows you to get familiar with all possibilities of the slot machine in details before betting your real money. In Demo mode Just Jewels Deluxe slot gives you 1000 credits; moreover, it allows you to use the amount at your own discretion.

Do you hunger for great wins and bright sensations when adrenaline literally rushes? Stop wasting your time on trifles and start to earn really earnest money!

After relaxed and easy signing up you are about to start. Firstly you should enter the amount of the reels you are going to bet at. This process can be done with the row of odd buttons: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9.

It is time for choosing the credit amount for all chosen reels by the Bet One button. The amount may vary from 1 to 100 credits. The most reckless players will appreciate the Bet Max button. By clicking on it you will bet the maximum on all lines. This decision will cost you 900 credits; still, the price is nothing if compare it to the ultimate jackpot possible.

With all its relative simplicity, Just Jewels Deluxe slot has managed to retain complete automation functionality set. Its next button, Automatic Start, is a good example. Pressing the button starts the Automatic Mode. In other words, the Just Jewels Deluxe may continue working even without your direct participation: its professional control is enough. The reels will spin automatically. You just need to select the bet and watch your deposit being replenished. Naturally, you cannot play the Double in Automatic mode.

The only especial icon of the Slot is the European currency symbol, or €. This icon is dedicated for Scatter. No matter which line and what order it appears on the screen. In any case the lucky player gets his money by this spectrum: the size of his bet multiplied by the winning reels’ amount and by the coefficient. The final coefficient may take the following values: 2, 10, or 50 (for 3, 4 and 5 icons respectively). The Slot misses the Wild. The symbol generally replaces and, thereby, complements the game combinations.

Winning icons and coefficients of Just Jewels Deluxe

The winning combination is three (and more) identical icons, which are placed one after another. The winning icons are Jewels, Golden Ingots, Money Stacks or even Royal Crowns. Any combination of 3, 4 or 5 purple and green Jewels will make you happy by multiplying your bet by 10, 25 and 150. The same combo of red or blue Jewels will bring their lucky hunter a win multiplied by 15, 50 and 200.

The beloved Greenbacks (and Golden Ingots) presents more pleasant pay table: 30, 150 and 500 respectively. But the sweetest ones are the golden Royal Crowns. Appearing in the amount from 3 to 5, they are able to grant you an ultimate multiplier: 50, 500 and 5000. The full pay table is available by clicking on Info button.

Double Game in Just Jewels Deluxe

A winner has an opportunity to increase his profit by at least 2 times. You must choose the Double Game. It’s available after every win. All you need is pressing the Gamble button to agree (or Start button to refuse) to play the Double mode.

Having chosen the first scenario, the gambler of Just Jewels Deluxe slot will see a card from backside. The best traditions of pure luck give you a quest to guess its color. Selecting the color is made by pressing one of two buttons. If you win, your prize multiplies by 2. There will be another binary choice: to continue the Double mode and redouble the prize, or to stop the game, withdraw your money and continue playing in normal mode. If you Double bet was not lucky (it happens, you know), then the bet burns. Well, it is just a binary choice of the Double mode: the choice may both make you happy or disappointed.

Don’t even try to give up, because you know: risking is a noble cause; sooner or later it is well rewarded back. Sometimes, taking chances just once, you may make your life happy forever. We wish you luck and great wins in Just Jewels Deluxe Slot!