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Joker Wild slot gives gamblers an opportunity to enjoy their favorite card game online and fight for big cash without being tied to the time or place. Nowadays we don’t need to wait, when friends will gather all together for spending a good time.

Description of the Joker Wild slot

To the attention of the real fans of gambling there is a videopoker with an interesting name – Joker Wild. This slot is made by one of the most famous producers of software gambling entertainment. It gives a chance not just to have a good and effective rest from everyday’s stress, but also try your own luck and win a big cash prize.

The Joker Wild slot is a modification of a common legendary poker with the ability to play for free. Only two elements differ. So, payments begin with a combination of “pair of kings”, and in the deck you can find a joker, which can replace any other card if necessary and thus help to win.

For examples, if the player gets 4, 5, 6, 8 and a joker on his hands than the last one will be the card which adds the straight instead of 7. The base of the Joker Wild slot is a classic poker. The main place on the screen is given to cards and a joker that greets users at each stage of the game. It is understandable that the main goal of the player is to collect a winning card combination, which will bring a certain income.

All the winning combinations are the same as in the real game. Experienced poker players know them by heart. Beginners can familiarize with them at any time in the special table. To one hand according to the rules of the slot are given 5 cards. Thus, the choice, for example, of a 5-handed version of the game means getting 5 decks. This peculiarity significantly increases the chances of winning.

In the Joker Wild slot there is the deck with 52 cards plus a joker. The cards are carefully shuffled after each game. Cards are combined in various combinations, taking into account the criterion of rank, suit, and number of symbols. Among the profitable card combinations are:

  • 2 pair – two pairs of cards with the same rank;
  • 3 of a kind – 3 cards identical in rank (the payout ratio for such a combination is 2);
  • straight – 5 cards arranged in order of rank (coefficient 4);
  • flush – 5 cards of the same suit (6);
  • full house – the rank of the scheme 3 + 2 (9);
  • 4 of a kind – 4 cards of the same rank (20);
  • straight flush – 5 consecutive cards of the same suit (50);
  • wild royal flush – 5 high cards of the same suit, one of which replaces the joker (100);
  • 5 of a kind – 4 cards of the same value plus a joker (100);
  • royal flush – 5 high cards of the same suit (800).

The winning combinations are classified in automatic mode, and the results of the drawing are displayed on the screen. It’s important to notice that the Joker Wild slot is not just a slot designed for luck. Playing poker is a chain of consecutive, well-thought-out steps, as a result of which the player receives a cash prize. Conditionally, the algorithm of the player’s actions is the following:

  • choosing the numbers of hands and setting the denomination of coins;
  • determination of the size of the bet;
  • start the game;
  • the choice of cards that give a chance to win;
  • replacement of the wrong cards;
  • after the second distribution of cards – waiting for the result and rejoice of the win or try again.

In addition to the basic game mode, the Joker Wild slot also has a risk-round that offers you another chance to win. This round becomes available after each successful drawing. To win, you need to choose one of 4 cards upside down. To double your winnings, this card must be higher than the dealership value. According to the rules of the slot, you can double the win several times, but the first erroneous attempt will lead to in zeroing of the prize and stopping the risk-round.

The Joker Wild slot has features as a real poker. It is exciting and profitable.