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Joker Poker slot is a colorful gambling machine for real fans of poker. In this videopoker there are two jokers which can create different combinations exception is Natural Royal flush. Thank to two jokers additional groups of cards are built. A perfect model of the board game from Microgaming is very popular among fans of poker and virtual gamers.

In the new model of the videopoker from Microgaming is used unusual deck of 54 cards. To the standard deck are added two jokers. Make a bet in this game is allowed from one to five coins. The cost of the coin varies from 25 cents to 5£. For one hand, a bet of up to 20£ is allowed. Playing at the maximum bet does not give any additional benefits.

The common task of the game is the same like in any card battles. The player wants to collect the paid group of cards. On the game board there is a table in which all the paid combinations are listed. Once during the game the player can change several cards suggested to him.

The beginners are offered to play the slot for free. Experienced gamblers also do not mind throwing virtual cards. The rules of game are similar to classic ones. In the Joker Poker slot standard poker groups are recognized as victorious.

Free training is designed especially to ensure the person to be not afraid of making mistakes, clicking on the wrong place. Virtual coins can be spent all to the last. As soon as you update the page, all coins will instantly return to the game cash register. Your cash will be safe and sound, as long as you test the game in the training version. Try to make different bets, change any images at your discretion, click on the buttons, gain experience in the game process, and develop your tactics and algorithm of the game. Slot is very attractive, bright, saturated colors, clear functions of buttons, thoughtful display allow you to get from the game not only prizes.

The beginning of the game

Before the dealer starts the game, the player should choose the number of coins by which he intends to play. If you want to start the game – click the button “Deal”. Five cards are given to everybody. Attentively estimated them, you can change all of them. If you have the winning combination, so you will get the prize according to the winning table.

Risk round

After the player collects the paid chain of cards, he gets the challenge to play the risk round or take the prize. If the participant decides to increase their money, he pushes the button “Risk round”. This button will open a new window in which several cards are laid out. Dealer card is turned upside down by a picture. The rest lie upside down, their denomination is unknown. The user should guess which of the hidden cards will be higher in par value than the open one. If you guess correctly, you can double your prize and pick it up, or try again to increase the payout. Otherwise, the prize will be lost…

The peculiarities of the Joker Poker slot

Bonus round is not provided if you play the slot for money. There is no Jackpot.


The beginners should know all the buttons which they find on display.

  • Deal – distribution of cards;
  • Collect – pick up the prize;
  • Draw – change the cards;
  • Double – play for doubling;
  • – / + – adjust the cost of game coins;
  • Exit – exit the game process;
  • Help – the help tab is opened.

The number of coins is selected by clicking the mouse on one of the columns of the win table. There is a button to mute the sound. The information about prizes and the rate is in the special windows.

The Poker Joker slot with a double joker is waiting for its fans. It’s an exciting way of spending a free time.