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Jacks or Better slot will be perfect solution for those who like card hazardous games.

Above the cards you’ll see a panel with winning hands and corresponding payouts. To start the game click on the “Deal” button. Jacks or Better will start right after the cards will be shuffled. Look at your cards properly and after that leave only those, which will possibly form a winning hand. Of course, before playing for real money you can test the game by using demo-version.

You’ll need to form following winning hands:

  • Jacks or Better (two jacks or two cards higher than a jack);
  • Royal Flush which includes ace, king, queen, jack and ten in the same suit;
  • Four of a Kind;
  • Straight Flush, which is a hand of cards in one suit in a continuous sequence;
  • Full House, which is a hand of three cards of one kind and two cards of another kind;
  • Flush, that is a hand of five cards in the same suit;
  • Straight, which implies a continuous sequence of five cards;
  • Three of a Kind;
  • Two Pairs.

Each winning hand has its own payout percentage. The sum you can collect also is influenced by your bet. Royal Flush will bring you the largest amount of money.

After making a bet, five cards appear on the screen. At this moment the gambler analyses, which cards can possibly form a winning hand. The player also has an opportunity to replace all the cards, to hold all the cards or to replace just selected cards. After making this choice the gambler needs to spin again. Then the final combination of cards may be seen. If the player wins, he will receive his winning sum immediately on his playing account.

After every winning bet, the risk-game is activate. You have a choice whether to use it or not. By deciding to try, you get an opportunity to double your winning sum.

Jacks or Better slot is played with 52 card deck. Control panel in this slot is pretty simple. Your bet and what you’ve won are also shown on the screen. The panel has five buttons. There is “Hold” that is used for replacing and holding cards. “Bet On” is used for gradual increase of the bet. “Bet Max” will increase your bet to the maximum.

“DEAL” button serves for starting the game. The Control panel contains a small icon of a speaker driver, it can turn off background music.

Jacks or Better slot is wonderful thing for those who consider themselves to be real card playing fans. You don’t have to leave home or look for a gambling establishment. You’ll be just sitting on your comfortable couch and enjoying. Nobody will disturb you. The music background is totally awesome, it is extremely important to get pleasure from gambling.

Jacks or Better slot is rather ordinary, but still it’s popular and is definitely worth checking out it.