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Hound Hotel slot is an amazing story about a hotel for dogs, because the rich people often leave their pets in posh rooms.

Here dogs can enjoy comfortable conditions, attentive care and perfect food. And the pets will pay in return bringing substantial rewards to the players.

The hotel for dogs is not quite a usual place. The staff here is also presented with four-legged representatives of animal world. Five reels show us all guests of the hotel; the pictures go in three rows on the screen. Twenty-five existing lines are activated in every spin. Players can stake 1-15 coins at every line.

All attractive features of the Hound Hotel slot, provided by Microgaming programmers, will please many dogs and gambling lovers.

When dressed up dogs and respectable hounds make a row, from the first column, starting from three identical images and up to five. The longest chain will be paid out. If prizes appear on several active lines simultaneously, they are all summed up and go to client.

Payout chart will provide users with general rules, images and symbols coefficients. It’s advisable to start studying it prior to testing try, the amount of multipliers of various icons varies from 5 up to 500. Hound Hotel slot machine is equally attractive both for newbies and experienced gamers.

Simple and special icons

Including the slot devoted to the Hotel for dogs, you will see various breeds of funny animals, residing in the hotel:

  • Serbernar in a bathrobe with a cup of hot coffee;
  • Poodle – a lady in chic furs and diamonds;
  • Pug with a cigar and cognac;
  • Playing cards nominal.

All these icons are basic and each of them brings presents to gamers according to payout chart rates. The game logo in this slot has become a Wild symbol with the highest prize fund. The dog-waiter is a scatter.

To the great joy of the Hotel guests Wild logo independently creates a prize group. One more peculiarity of this symbol is the replacement of basic icons with the purpose of adding and increasing of prize chains.

Hound Hotel Slot peculiarities

Special bonus game is opened in a new window. Gamer will see the front side of a three-stored hotel. Choosing a door of the rooms on every store you will be able to find out how many free spins the casino will give you and what additional multiplier will work in the process of these spins. Also, a special super function will be opened behind the doors. Gamers can also choose an additional door in the hotel.

Wild symbols are provided with one additional option in this round. On the second or fourth reel they grow up to three stores appearing at the any place of this column or take place there at once. When you’ll finish picking up the doors free spins will be activated. They will be paid by the casino banker in accordance with the present stake, but can’t be prolonged.

Free trials

Virtual coins will provide different possibilities and game variations. It’s quite comfortable to play as virtual coins provided by online casino banker are spent quickly and easily come back to a gamer. One just needs to update the slot’s page in order to get back the coins.

In the course of free testing gamers can study all the users’ settings, which include sound, speeding the spins. Other buttons adjust the number of coins on the line; start reels rotation, single and automatic.

After a free trial, choose casino, open your account, place funds in the game cashier box and start the real game mode in the Hotel Hound slot.