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Fruits & Sevens slot machine is a fantastic mix of incredible fruit driving and enormous jackpots with a high-quality visual component.

The rules of the game for the Fruits & Sevens slot machine

Despite the unusual game principle, the slot offers many options for making a profit. In order to activate them, you just need to start the “Wheel of Fortune”. First of all, the player must determine the bet size and specify the number of paylines that will be active. After pressing the start button, the drum begins to spin and the game is considered to be running.

The first game combinations, which are formed from existing characters and various game features, appear on the screen. It’s time for professional players who really like to play for high stakes, although the Fruits and Sevens slot also offers you an opportunity to play for free. Distinctive features of the demo version of the slot machine are refinement and the large number of offers that you’ll definitely like.

In the Fruit & Sevens slot, you will be able to receive regular payments even when playing with the minimum stakes.

In the course of the game, there appear thematic symbols on the five wheels of this slot, which makes the process very lively and bright. On the screen of the Fruits and Sevens slot machine, you can find various fruits such as watermelons, kiwis, oranges, apples, etc. Each of the winning combinations is compulsorily accompanied by very valuable prizes. If you want more information about all payments, please pay attention to the summary table that contains payment features for each symbol.

The most valuable combination in this slot is the Sevens, which are able to bring very generous payments to an experienced player. In addition, there are some bonuses that allow you to increase your account several times. Upon reaching a certain level, a slot enthusiast will be able to play a bonus game with a fantastic doubling of winnings.

Description of the Fruits & Sevens slot

Fruits are symbols of victory for many players. It is likely that the developers of the Fruits and Sevens slot machine foresaw this, so they decided to breathe new life into all the fruit symbols: watermelons, oranges and many others. The slot is very generous to everyone who really wants to play and receive prizes. You can easily become a leader in the number of jackpots, but you need a certain skill and a little bit of luck for this. In addition, the most active participants will be allowed to activate the bonus game for doubling of their winnings.

Advantages of Fruits and Sevens slot

The Fruits and Sevens slot is simple. Here, you will see funny fruits and sevens, as well as a lot of prize-winning combinations that will please every player. An important feature of the emulator is the combination of 5 sevens, which allows you to receive your winning immediately. It is the slot machine that offers the opportunity to get a large and very interesting prize, and the combination presented is nothing more than a key for activation.

Bonuses in the Fruits & Sevens slot

Fruits and Sevens slots have a simple design but contain a huge financial potential, as they provide players with numerous opportunities for experiments. When a player receives the required number of bonus points, he gets into the bonus round. Here is a high probability that he can win a generous prize because the sum of the jackpot is very considerable!

High-quality design, numerous features, high level of animation ‑ all of this can be found in the Fruits and Sevens slot machines, which give a great mood to all players.