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Fisticuffs slot is an exciting novel about a predecessor of modern boxing – about stand-up fight.

Do you dream about relax or need to take away stress, or do you want to struggle with a famous boxer?

This gambling machine is a great result of NetEnt engineers’ team work. A bright emulator with warm shades of orange and brown has 5 standard reels and 10 playing lines.

This interesting video slot has obtained attractive stylish graphics and comic heroes that present gamers good mood, pleasant emotions, unique functions and great winning payouts.

Besides, winning combinations can standing in the right and in the left. The main thing in Fisticuffs slot playing process is a row of the same pictures.

You can study the winning chart and control board without registration and payments. Custom settings permit to select the most comfortable playing mode. It’s better to learn how to adjust settings before the playing in real version.

The bets and playing lines changing during a play can influence game results. In spite that, the experienced players insist: minimal bets win so often as medium and the highest ones.

Reels spinning has pleasant audio effect and every lucky move accompanies by applauds.

The behavior of Wild symbols is very unusual. If the both boxers, Fat and Slim, are in the neighbor meshes of playing field, coinciding along the line, three additional Wilds appear. It’s a payable winning chain combination, also it gives additional free spin, when in the process of spinning Wild stays at the same place in frozen mode. The winning Wilds appear at horizontal line and in coinciding meshes.

All patterns appearing on the screen of gambling Fisticuffs slots machine reflect necessary items of fighters’ equipment. You’ll find here Gong that is a signal of the next round; Sporting Shoes, Stool, Towel, Water Jug. All these elements are junior and displaying not less than three times at horizontal line they bring from 5 to 60 bets.

Such senior images as Boxing Gloves, CUP, Champion Belt are able to enrich a gamer for 10 – 500 general bets. All payout rates are shown at winning table. It’s reasonable to study it when you enjoy of Fisticuffs slot.

You’ll find totally 3 special Wild symbols:

  • Straight Wild. It appears at the middle reel, turns into a fighter, who occupies the whole vertical line and makes neighbor images a winning patterns by his one beat;
  • Diagonal Wild. It can appear on the 2nd or 4th column and turns immediately into very slim fighter. But he rushes to fight converting simple picture groups into payable ones.
  • Stacked Wild. You’ll see it when opponents meet in a ring face to face. This Wild not only substitutes any other patterns but presents also additional free reels spinning if you’re playing Fisticuffs slot for real money.

Winning Wilds come into view in a playing field of Fisticuffs slot more often than usually and even when there is no boxer in a ring. Also, winning payouts happen here more often than usually because combinations are considered in both sides.

A bonus gameplay Boxing Feature starts to work when Wild Straight and Wild Diagonal simultaneously appears at spinning reels. In Boxing Feature playing process all neighboring pictures turn into wilds and switch on free spinning.

Fisticuffs slot pattern play

There is 5000 credits. Coin price is 0.05. The rate is 5. A total bet for a spin is 5 credit. Click the round button starting reels spinning. The first spin brings a prize of 6.5 credits. Total account is 5001.5 credits.

Second click to start Fisticuffs slot spinning brings a prize of 67.5 credits. Accounts increases up to 5064 credits.

Subtracting an initial figure from the last one we obtain result of 64 credits. We earned it for several minutes: 5064 – 5000 = 64 credits.

Right now we can stop the game because had a plus, in spite it’s small. But when situation is different, two or three spins do not give a result, you can change slot settings, switch for more active lines or increase a bet till maximum.