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Evolution slot is a five-reel gambling machine, where the reels roll backward because of its very own physics.

The icons visually demonstrate many biological transmutations of animalcules: from single-cell organisms into more and more developed animals. Whole gameplay is accompanied by truly funny, living and amusing animations. Even the serious Feature mode of Evolution slot with large prizes does not allow you to stay alone in silence and without nice graphics.

Advantages and secrets of Evolution slot machine’s gameplay

First inhabitants of our Earth were born under the World Ocean’s waters. Since this time, the seas wash five reels and 25 permanently active bet lines. All pictures are a part of the Ocean, so they obey its physics. And they do it in a truly nice way by ascending up from depth waters along with air bubbles.

The game allows you to change the price and amount of the coins at one line. Amount of the lines is limited and fixed: there are always 25 bet lines. BET LEVEL button changes amount of coins from 1 to 10. COIN VALUE button (at the right side of large round control panel) changes the value: it may vary from 0.01 to 10 credits per coin. The central round button with two arrows, in the middle of control panel, spins one turn.

There’s no Double mode at Evolution slot, so feel free to relax and have a cup of your beloved coffee enjoying the Autoplay mode without even a touch to your mouse or screen. Another item of the control panel is the MAX BET button. It allows you to bet the maximum amount of coins available at this slot.

There are some small control buttons at the left lower corner of the emulator’s screen, allowing gambler to adjust (or even disable) the sound and animation.

A series is payable, if there are the same pictures starting from the first reel (they run from left side to the right). The slot’s Paytable has all winning coefficients. Here you may get to know about the solvency of any symbol depending on its location at the active line. The Paytable is available even in Free Spin mode of Evolution slot.

Symbols, images and their combos

The developers of the famous Net Entertainment studio have designed the cells with fantastic, still amusing monsters. Starting from a unicellular microbe till… let’s say, it’s a flying pseudo squirrel nicely named Basilisk Pluma, have their own names and coefficients.

The local animalcules and their values are:

  • Primo Blobulus is a 2; 10, or 40 multiplier;
  • Blobulus Astrum: 3x; 12x and 50x;
  • Jellocus Finnum: 4; 15; 60;
  • Jellocus Squidae: 5; 20; 80 multiplier;
  • Crustacio Springum: 10; 25; and 100.

More advanced monsters, like Draconius Rex or Bestia Dentum, have greater multipliers: from 12 to 500.

A very special symbol of the Slot is Wild. His habitat is almost everywhere, except of the left reel. The Wild symbol may replace any other pictures, creating and increasing your winnings made by standard images except Free Spin. This symbol automatically creates payable groups with 2, 4, 20 and 100 multipliers. This number will multiply your common bet that was initially made to 25 cells.

Evolution slot features:

  • 3 Free Spins at any cell enable 10 attempts;
  • 4 images enable 15;
  • Enjoy the ultimate 20 free spins if there are 5 images on the field.

Evolutions slot’s Feature mode is enabled during free spins. Its point is literally in Darwin’s evolution processes. As soon as there is a winning collection of images was formed, all its monsters are starting to… evolve! They turn to more advanced (and expensive!) animals. So your winning chances are getting more. Any organisms may evolve into some exact branches of monsters.

Wild is just a symbol, but not an animal – so forget about its evolving. So, the free spins decrease the amount of primitive (and cheap!) organisms, while the chance to get a really great win is getting higher.

How to play Evolution with an example

Let’s think about starting with 1000 coins. Your bet is 25 coins per spin. The coin is £1. Click the round button to start – and find yourself winning 10 coins. You have 985 coins now.

The next spin opens three Free Spins and initial prize of 105 coins. 10 free spins are starting, and the online casino pays for all of them. The spins enable the bonus Evolution Feature game, and some of the monsters became more advanced and “expensive”. Accordingly, your payout is also getting higher. After the free spins sequence is finished, your balance is 1615 coins (if the mode has brought 655 tokens). As you see, you have got £615 in just some minutes.