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European Roulette is considered as one of the most fascinating and popular among all gambling emulators. What’s so special here, while nowadays there is a huge variety of games and they differ by just minor distinctions? Apparently, European Roulette is considered as the most popular version of the legendary casino game. The online game was developed basing to its rules.

Gambling experts got a perfect opportunity to enjoy and strive for great cash gains just being online. No need to leave the house anymore. A PC, laptop or even just smartphone with internet access is enough to taste the atmosphere of casinos, luck and passion.

Moreover, modern online casinos offer their visitors to play the European Roulette slot machine for free. You need to work out your own strategy and test yourself on being fortunate at the appropriate time to make the game a nice time spending with gaining real money.

Basically, European Roulette consists of a wheel divided into 36 fields (professionals call them “chambers”) with additional Zero section. The index numbers of European Roulette are spread more chaotically than in its American fellow game. There’s no Double Zero chamber, it’s another American-only feature.

A player can choose out of ten different bet types on any single spin and get more info about them by pressing the Help button. Once the player wins, he is in between to choose if to cash out or to place his next bet.

European Roulette is the spirit of the gambling, its tradition and soul. Due to great variety of options, the players have significant advantages to win. All the player needs is to study the slot rules carefully, to set the betting limits and start the game.

Once the player starts the slot, some nice graphical effects appear on the screen: thanks to guys from PlayTech, the graphics is on a high level, as is other their software made with love to the details. The game’s audio track was also chosen competently, so all necessary items of the path to win are here, helping the player to tune in to his winnings.

Well, let’s get back to the game’s main playing processes. There are 37 chambers on the wheel, including 36 numbers and just one Zero (as per European roulette’s traditions comparing with the American one). The numbers are of two classical colors: black and red, with Zero’s green decoration.

While making a bet it’s up to your choice how to place it. Betting is available in many modes, from placing your money into an exact number to color sectors, numbers’ groups, or odd/even numbers.

The rule is just one: the more risky is your bet, the more you are going to win. Color of the chamber is one of the least risky bets, while game with an exact number is the hardest one. And don’t forget about green Zero: it refers all bet amounts to the dealer.

The European Roulette game’s purpose is the match of the predicted number/color/group and the ball stopped in the selected chamber. The prize depends on the special payments table. In general, the specific payment indexes are as follows, according to the bet type:

  1. Specific number – 35:1
  2. Split (including two numbers beside) – 17:1
  3. Straight (consisting of three sequent numbers) – 11:1
  4. Four numbers – 8:1
  5. Six numbers – 5:1
  6. Dozen (or Column) – 2:1

As it’s shown, the payment rates can be very high, so a lucky dog has a chance to win a real deal. To make his bets easier, a player can find the numbers already came out up to the moment. The info is shown on the upright corner of the screen. After studying the information, some players build their own strategies implementing theory of chances. There is a simple and usable (even for gambling newbies!) Control Panel at the bottom of the screen.

European Roulette’s features

Most important activities are made using just 3 main buttons: spinning the wheel, cancelling a bid or duplicate it. While very simple in use, the gameplay enthralls with its’ unpredictability starting from very first moments. The gambling is felt even stronger when bids are higher.

The PlayTech team guys created their European Roulette in English as well as in some other main languages, so diving into the gameplay is quite easy for everyone. European Roulette is a perfect version of the famous Roulette. You never have a chance to get bored of it!