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European Roulette Gold slot is another unique gambling machine of Net Entertainment Co. Just a little luck and a whole bundle of real bills will be in your pocket. Spin the wheel and become a rich man.

Virtual coins allow you to spin the wheel as long as you want, until the victory. Beginners receive the first idea of what bets are best done to get good prizes in the training session. Experienced players have long established their own individual tactics.

Perfect design style, high-quality graphics, numerous ways to get a large jackpot and user-friendly interface is for all beginners. A playing field, drawn on the green table, has 36 written numbers of two different colors, black and red. Also, there is a special place for Zero. The player selects several chips with the size within the limits allowed by the casino and occupies several positions on the drawn rectangle.

After clicking on the start button, the roulette wheel begins to spin. A small metal ball automatically starts in the opposite direction. The ball jumps, hitting the ribs of the roulette’s wheel and the holes around the numbers. The result of the round depends on where it stops. The scores begin to count after the roulette wheel has completely stopped. That time the metal ball stably lies in one of the cells on the rim of the wheel. Then it becomes clear the color of the sector, the even or odd number, which dozen or half it occupies.

Different bets and payment rates

This version of roulette supports several bets:

  • Straight Up – bet on one specific number. This is the rarest combination, at the same time the most expensive (35:1).
  • Split – bet on two neighbor numbers.
  • Street – bet on three different numbers.
  • Corner – the chip is placed at the intersection between four cells, with different numbers.
  • Line – bet on two rows.
  • Dozens – bet on one of three dozens.
  • Columns – on a dozen numbers within a vertical column.

The following bets are considered neutral giving equal chances to the player:

  • Small (1-19) and large (9-36) numbers.
  • Even or odd.
  • Red or black.

European Roulette Gold slot gives the opportunity to make good money to those ones who keep a cool head and calm heart. Virtual chips allow playing long and securely for your bankroll. If all they are spent just reload the page with the game. And the training chips will appear in the player’s account again.

Such training mode lets beginners practice until they are 100% confident in their abilities and skills. Wisely arranged chips on the playing field can also be crucial for winning.

Some experienced casino visitors develop their own systems and win almost all the time. Of course, the game still happens according to the law of random numbers and we must calmly react to failures not losing the head because of two lost pounds.

Fans of free gaming machines should definitely test the European Roulette Gold slot. Golden Roulette gives customers a unique chance to take a break, get fun and to recharge their budget with fantastic sums of banknotes.