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Double Double Bonus slot machine is distinguished from many other versions of card games in that it has five different variants of the Four of a Kind combination. This group of cards is also called a quad. This extraordinary gambling machine was developed by engineers of the Microgaming team.

The virtual poker game Double Double Bonus is played with an ordinary deck of 52 cards, without jokers. The main goal of this version of the game is to collect prize-winning combinations. Once during the game you are allowed to change a certain number of cards.

If you play the Double Double Bonus slot for free, you will encounter 5 non-standard poker card combinations in the process of learning the game algorithm.

Let’s name them, along with the size of payment for the bet of 5 credits :

  • Quads, consisting of Aces only, will bring you 800 coins;
  • Quads of Fives through Kings worth 250 coins;
  • Quads of 2s, 3s, or 4s worth 400 coins;
  • Quads of 2s, 3s, or 4s with an Ace worth 800 coins;
  • Quads of Aces with a 2, 3, or 4 worth 2,000 coins;

The most expensive group of cards is Royal Flush. With the bet of 5 coins, this combination will grant the player an unexpectedly huge win of 4000 coins.

Risk game

For some players, the standard payments may seem to be not high enough. You can double them in the Risk round. There will be several cards in a new window. The player’s task is to guess which of the cards lying face down is higher than the open one. If you guess correctly, your current bet will be doubled. In case of an error, you will lose the current bet amount.

Features of the Double Double Bonus slot

The only bonus is a payoff of 4000 coins for the Royal Flush at a bet of 5 coins. This bonus is paid if you play it for real money. The accumulative jackpots are not implemented.

Control Panel Keys

This gambling machine is similar to many other developments of Microgaming, and here you will find the buttons you have known for a long time:

  • Deal ‑ Activates the distribution of cards;
  • Collect ‑ Take the prize;
  • Draw ‑ Change cards;
  • Double ‑ Doubling of bets;
  • Help ‑ Opens the Reference data tab.
  • Exit ‑ Exits the game.

If you want a card to remain in the game, you should click directly on it. You are not required to follow the prompts for automatic card retention.

Bottom line

The Double Double Bonus version of poker is very popular among enthusiasts of unusual varieties of card games. When you’re thinking about your tactics, note that some of the combinations have similar multipliers. They include a pair, two pairs, different variants of quads. Also, if you want to get maximum rewards, make your bets higher.

This game can be launched directly in your browser and does not require downloading. You can play it in a variety of gambling clubs, where the Microgaming platform is present.

If you play in a gambling club for the first time and are not familiar with Poker rules, get some practice in the test game for virtual credits. You can spend training chips without jeopardizing your account. Even when you spend absolutely everything, they can be easily returned to your casino cash. To do this, you just need to reload the page with this game.

Real profit

In this slot, you are playing against the virtual casino. Despite the fact that you are playing with the virtual bank, you also have the opportunity to get real money. When you gain enough experience in the test version, switch to the real mode of this video poker.

If you want to earn some real money, choose an online casino, where conditions and internal policy will appeal to you the most. After that, fill out the form with your personal data. All personal information must be entered without errors to make sure that your wins will reach you. The next step on the way to real earnings is to transfer a certain amount of money to your personal account in your gambling casino.

Description of the gameplay

This slot machine, simulating the game of poker, has a fairly simple gameplay. Firstly, you choose the optimal bet size. It is controlled via two buttons with plus and minus symbols. However, looking at the payout table, we will see that the winnings can have fantastic values. Clicking on the Max Bet button, we can get 4000 coins at once.

Now click on the Deal button. The cards are dealt, and you need to choose the ones you like. Click on the cards that you want to keep. Then the Draw button that allows changing cards. To take your winning, click on the Collect button. With the Double button, you can double your prize. Using the navigation buttons properly, you’ll be able to make good money.