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Dolphin’s Pearl slot machine is a fascinating and unforgettable search for pearls along with bright fish on the bottom of a tropical coral slot.

The Dolphin’s Pearl is a standard slot with a drum divided into 5 sectors, the vertical rotation of which allows you to collect paid combinations. Slot has the playing field, the menu controls, it gives you a chance to play a bonus game, as well as practice in a demonstration mode for conditional loans.

Playing on the Dolphin’s Pearl slot, a gambling submariner plunges into the sea world. Wave of excitement will lead you. А burning desire to win will allow learning the full story and get acquainted with local residents and representatives of the underwater fauna.

The sea kingdom will drag the player to the bottom of the coral reef. After hitting a wonderful world, a brave diver will be involved in a series of adventures and brave exploits. Bold in reward will receive their share of sunken treasures. Go ahead, towards the sea adventures, along with the Dolphin’s Pearl slot!

The principle of the game in the slot, tips and basic rules

In your hands got a classic slot with 5 vertically rotating lines on the drum. The number of winning lines is 9, and all combinations, similar to other gaming devices, are built from left to right.

By collecting combinations of identical puzzles in a line, the pearl finder will earn coins, thereby increasing their working capital. For the loss of special characters will open an additional bonus game, as well as other bonus games. In the event of a combination dropping out, a gambler will get an additional game. In this game everybody can double his prize, thereby significantly changing the amount of the winning combination. The main task is to find more pearls.

The developers assure of an excellent payout percentage on the Dolphin’s Pearl slot. Using this secret, you can lift from the bottom of the Dolphin’s Pearl slot a sufficient amount of money in the long term of gambling diving. Observe the basic rules, apply lessons of discipline and use your own proven and proven strategies. The main rule of the Dolphin’s slot is to hone your skills and develop a game plan.

Management and symbol designation in the Dolphin’s Pearl slot

Like in any other virtual slot, it has a set of keys and controls, auxiliary menus, and thematic symbols, thanks to which the game is played.

Among the pictures on the margin of the drum are:

  • A set of card symbols, from 9 to A;
  • The symbol of the dolphin;
  • Picture with the image of seahorse;
  • Fish-hedgehog;
  • Group of yellow striped exotic fish;
  • Image of sea stingray;
  • Dancing crab;
  • The main symbol is pearls;

In the menu of the Dolphin’s Pearl you can find the following buttons for controlling the slot:

  • “Paytable” – reference information and data on quotes for each combination;
  • A set of keys responsible for the number of lines participating in the game (from 1 to 9);
  • “Bet one” button – sets the bet level in the range from 1 to 100 credits per line;
  • “Bet max” button – sets the maximum acceptable rate for scrolling;
  • “Start” – performs rolling, as well as confirms the receipt of the win, without participation in the risk game;
  • “Automatic Start” – rotates the drum in automatic mode, with already set parameters.

All information menus are presented in front of the user. The screen displays the actual number of credits, the number of lines participating in the game and the bet size.

Risk of a slot game Dolphin’s Pearl

Having collected one of the winning combinations, the master of pearls gets into a separate menu, where pressing one of the two proposed key. It’s necessary to guess the color of the suit of the hidden card. If the answer is correct, the winning amount is doubled, in case of failure, it loses the entire amount. Do not worry, the bottom of the ocean is huge and pearls are enough for everyone.

Bonus Game

It’s real to break the jackpot! It is necessary to collect on the playing field images of 5 dolphins. To get into the bonus game it is enough to collect from 3 or more pictures depicting a sea pearl. In that case, you will receive 15 free spins, and the total winnings will be multiplied by 3! Depending on the size of the bet, the value of prize accruals increases with scrolls.

The Dolphin’s Pearl slot will gladly introduce a wise seeker of underwater riches to the deep adrenaline of excitement. Everything depends on you! Forward to adventure!