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Deuces Wild slot is a cool video poker with high RTP for experienced players.

Why the video poker is truly special? In short, because of its superior palette of emotions. Before you start diving into this world of gambling and luck, read about some secrets and features of the Deuces Wild slot – they’re worth examination.

Get ready for a classical version of poker. A single-handed game with the standard pack (i.e. without Joker). The Joker’s role goes to the Deuces. The interface is quite simple and friendly. The main part of the playing field is a 5-cards place. The PayTable is located below: there are all winning combos and their proper multipliers. The bottom part of the interface has additional controls like bet configurators, Bet One and Bet Max buttons. There are current game indicators in the right bottom corner of the emulator.

So the maximal bet available is £25. An interesting fact and one of the Deuces Wild slot’s secret features is that you’re allowed to change (just once!) any initial cards during the deal. Professional players use this chance if there’s an almost perfect combination except one card.

There’s a need to remember the winning combinations and their resonant names. The junior combo is “Trips”: the 3 cards of the same value. Another simple payable combination is “Five of a Kind”: it is a series of 5 single-valuable cards.

“Royal Flush Wild” is the winning combination with Deuces presented there. Four Deuces is also a payable sequence. Their sequence helps to collect any combination with just one exception. Forget the Deuces’ rule when dealing with Natural Royal Flush combo (“Clear Royal Flush”). The nature of the collection assumes the maximal winning amount with 4000 coins, so it’s not a surprise that the mythical, still probable combination is the greatest legend of all Deuces Wild slot’s fans.

The developers designed the Double Game as the option. The process is much the same as with traditional mode: you are able to select 4 closed cards. The dealer’s card is open, and the player must choose a more valuable card from the first attempt.

Simply use your browser to play the Deuces Wild. It works as a web application that supports even smartphones. Being a video poker with truly beautiful graphics.

This is a very colorful and stable emulator. Probably, all products of the fellows from Playtech are, in a way, works of art. This is another reason why Deuces Wild is something as a flagship in exciting line of all video poker games.