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Crystal Gems slot is dedicated to the beauty of precious stones. Jewels in this gambling machine are produced by whole carts. A cheerful and profitable slot is deservedly popular among casino-online visitors.

There are 25 horizontal lines initially activated in the 5 drum gambling device. The Microgaming platform allows you to arrange symbols in 3 rows on the screen. 25 pounds get a total bet on one spin. Developers perfectly coped with the graphics and offer customers special icons, additional multipliers, bonuses, free spins and other options.

Combinations of the same pictures are paid. Pictures must be located on the same line, starting with the first column. The longest chain takes the win. The prize amount is obtained from the multiplication of the rate by the cost factor of the pictogram from the pay table. The largest of them is 2000. At the same time prize groups can be formed on several active lines. Their cost is summed up and instantly sent to the customer’s account.

Rookies and experienced players can play on Crystal Gems slot for free. Virtual coins allow you to go to the extraction of jewelry. The online casinos UK is opened 24/7. If the training credits run out, reloading the page returns them to the client’s cash register.

Drawings simple and special

On the icons of the gems revolve colored stones and denominations of the cards. Special features are allocated two symbols of a video slot: Wild, with a similar inscription, and Bonus – representing a cart loaded with jewels.

Wild forms prize chains from various simple drawings, except for bonus ones. Wild appears on the screen in solid strips of columns. Also mine carts launch free spins if you play for money in a Crystal Gems gaming machine.

Functions of buttons, information windows are signed like:

  • Chip Size – choose the value of the game coins;
  • Chips per Line – bet on the line;
  • Bet Max – play at the maximum bet, is regulated by one click;
  • Auto Play – automatic game mode;
  • ? – see the table of winnings;
  • Lines – the number of active lines;
  • Bet – bet height, which adjustable smoothly;
  • Paid – the current prize amount.

On the down side of the display there is an information line with prompts. There is also a detailed reference section with a description of all the features.

Example of a game in Crystal Gems slot

Our account consist 2000 credits. The chip size on the window is 0.01. Chips per line size 2. Click on the start button in the lower right corner. After several zero spins, the account becomes 1990 credits.

We decided to change the chip Size put 0.1. Chips Per Lines exposed 10. To change the numbers, we use the “+” and “-”. The total bet on turnover is 25 credits. We start and get a prize in 290 pounds.

The account is 2255 credits. You can quit the game because we have already made a profit. We decided to take a chance. The start icon was turned on, after which three carts rolled out onto the screen. Precious stones scatter around the screen and include a bonus game with 8 free spins. In the prize round, the payment is 980 credits.

The account grows to 3210 credits, minus 2000 (initial loan) we will have 1210 credits. In this online casino the loan is equal to the United Kingdom currency. That means, we earned in Crystal Gems slot about 1210 pounds.