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Classic Blackjack Gold slot is a virtual version of the popular card game. It is a high-quality classic European blackjack, which is very popular. Advanced graphics made possible the effect of being present in a real casino. The sense of the reality of what is happening is also amplified by properly selected sound accompaniment with spoken speech and jazz notes.

The design of the slot does not have any unnecessary complexities. The absolute plus is the absence of annoying banners and other elements directly distracting from the game.

The number of points on lowest cards is determined by their actual nominal value, and the high ones are always equal to 10. The Ace, depending on the current situation in the game, can be counted as 11 or 1 point. If the player managed to score exactly 21 points, then he is considered the winner. The Classic Blackjack Gold slot will be a real find for those fans of excitement and real money wins that have excellent visual memory and can remember all played cards. This will help to suggest the content of future possible combinations.

The bets are made with 1, 5, 10, 25, 50, 100, or 200 coins. Before dealing, the player can cancel the wrong bet and enter a new one by using the Clear Bet key. After setting the bet, the cards are dealt by pressing the Deal button. At the first stage of the game, only one card opens for the dealer, and two for the player.

Considering the number of points collected, the player has two options to act. He can either to pick up a new card using the Hit button or leave everything as is by pressing the button Stand. With the number of player’s points 9, 10 or 11, the bet can be doubled. After standing the player, the dealer is dealt other cards, comparing points and determining the winner of the round.

During the game, the additional buttons can appear on the control panel. They indicate the player’s choice options. For example, winning means activating the Rebet option, which allows repeating the bet. If the dealer has received an Ace, the Insurance key pops up on the control panel. It gives the opportunity to the player to insure against the winning of the casino. This is done by adding half of the bet amount. And in the case of a defeat, the bet is returned to the player, and the insurance is not.

According to the rules of the Classic Blackjack Gold slot game, it does not have the function of completing the game at any time. This means that the player is not able to skip a turn. The only one available option is to add cards or stop at a fixed number of points. And this is exactly that moment of the game, which provides a high degree of excitement and thrill, for which gambling is so much appreciated.

Features of Classic Blackjack Gold slot

Firstly, the functionality of the slot allows the player to get the biggest winnings, and with a bit of luck, the cash prizes can be received quite often. Secondly, many today’s online casinos provide various types of rewards for their visitors – for the fact of registration, the first deposit and so on.

The Classic Blackjack Gold slot machine is guaranteed to bring a lot of positive emotions and pleasure. This slot belongs to the products of the Microgaming company gold series, which means the highest quality of software and reliability of the game.