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Castle Builder slot is a project developed by the Rabcat team and offering a new level of quality. Each round is a multi-level game with prizes, awards and status growth. Adrenaline and skill levels mix together and bring gamblers a lot of fun.

The Master Builder receives letters from different kings and padishahs. Powerful rulers turn to him with a request to build a castle or palace for them. If the palace is built on time and with the proper quality, the king gives the builder a reward, raises his rank and asks to build a palace for his children. In addition, the ruler’s large family has numerous neighbors and friends. Orders begin to pour on the builder, as from a horn of Amalthea. The number of awards is increasing, the rank and income of the architect are rising.

In this gambling machine, the gamblers will also be able to gain several opportunities to win awards and to have fun. Five reels revolve and bring rewards to the skillful master builder of the wonderful castles. Their construction is carried out in several stages. Everything happens just like in a multi-level online RPG. Increasing his skills, the builder receives higher salaries, medals, decals and letters of recommendation.

Another interesting part of the gameplay is the matchmaking. In the bonus part of the game, the player gets the opportunity to choose a groom for the king’s daughter. If he makes the right choice and offers the best option, he will receive another reward.

A distinctive feature of the slot is building materials of different classes. You can build castles using simple bricks, as well as the silver or gold ones. All these nuances make the game very exciting. Once started playing this slot, dedicated to the Castle Builders, fans come back here many times. The game’s intriguing, twisted plot attracts more and more gamblers.

Features of the Castle Builder slot

On the right side of the slot screen, there is a playing field with reels. There are three rows of pictures on it. Active paylines can be activated in an amount from one to fifteen. The recommended size of the bet is 15 euro per turn. The player will receive a win if a number of identical symbols (from three to five) emerge on the screen starting from the first reel. Only the winning for the longest chain is counted. Multiplying the bet by the coefficient, we get the size of the payout. The maximum coefficient is 20 000.

In the case of simultaneous appearance of several prize-winning combinations, all the figures are summed up and immediately sent to the account of the user.

On the left side of the screen, there is a building site for castles and palaces of various styles and architectural trends. During the game, you can admire the beauty of the buildings under construction. In its grace, one structure exceeds the other.

On the slot reels, there are portraits of royal families, bags of coins, chests of treasures, as well as closed gates, behind which you can find hidden jewels. Special signs include the Castle Builder (Wild symbol), and building materials of various classes.

The wild symbol is able to build independent prize-winning chains or replace other symbols, with the exception of building materials.

For construction, you can use simple, bronze, silver and gold materials. Two such symbols on the active line enable the payment and promote the construction for a few steps forward. The number of used and remaining building materials, as well as the percentage of work performed, are displayed in the information line in the upper left corner of the screen. When the construction of one castle comes to its end, unused building materials pass to the next level and will be used for other buildings.

Bonus round

This round opens when you complete the construction of one of the palaces. In the bonus round, the gamer must choose a bride for the prince, or a groom for the king’s daughter. It’s necessary to choose the best option. Artists approached this task with a great deal of humor. So do not be surprised when you see portraits of unexpected people. Your choice also affects how much salary you get for your diligence.

The employer gives the architect one more prize, and the latter also receives the next rank, therefore, his qualification is raising. With the rise of the rank, the builder receives higher payments and huge benefits.


This interesting multi-level slot is a great way to enjoy your time. When you move to a higher level, you get a map and an assignment from the king. The gameplay becomes more user-friendly with settings for sound, spin speed, and automatic play.

The reference data, rules, coefficients for symbols are specified in the table of winnings.

You only need to choose an online casino, create an account and start the slot after making a minimum deposit, sufficient for launching the game.