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Cashville slot is a cool gambling machine about the unique money town.

This slot ranks among the most popular products of the company Microgaming. And it really provides everyone an opportunity to feel like a millionaire.

In this game, the gambler selects one of four rich men on the screen to choose subsequently what that person offers (a scroll, a picture, a dog, an oil rig etc.). Going, step by step, a way from being a poor man to a wealthy one is a real challenge.

Cashville slot is a vivid, exciting and lucrative machine. You are strongly advised to peep into this rich men’s world at least once.

Here are some Cashville slot’s features worth highlighting:

  • 5 reels and 20 paylines;
  • Price per coin varies from £0.01 up to £1;
  • Number of coins per payline – 1 to 10;
  • The slot’s amount bets are between £0.01 and £200;
  • Maximum payout ratio is х*50 000;
  • Wildcard and Scatter symbols are available;
  • No free spins;
  • Risk round and bonus game are present;
  • No progressive jackpot drawn;
  • Payout percentage is 96%.

Microgaming programmers, former planners of magnificiant dancing parties, managed to reconstruct the luxury holiday environment by putting together all the items characteristic to a rich man’s lifestyle of that time.

Playing Cashville slot is a really captivating experience, with each and every image has its topical meaning and represents a wealth attribute. Just a few to mention are: bundles of banknotes of any world currencies, heaps of diamonds and other gems, premium-class cigars and even a cute little poodle sitting on a blonde woman’s shoulder.

As for background music, Cashville slot offers its users some light jazz tunes to create a more intimate game setting. The bonus game’s animation is a feature worth special mentioning as it proves the developers’ genius. Due to it, selecting a safe box is a really intriguing experience.

For testing purposes, a free online version has been issued, which is also perfect for novice gamblers presenting them an opportunity to play free.

Knowing the user interface is a necessary step before rushing into a pursuit of huge wins, so here are the basics:

  • Spin button launches spins.
  • Select Lines and Select Coins tabs define the payline number and amount bets, accordingly.
  • Bet Max key is designed to set a maximum amount bet (push it only if you are ready for serious bets).
  • Regular and Expert menus allow switching between the game panel’s modes;
  • Help window contains all the necessary information and FAQs about Cashville slot.
  • View Pays Out key shows the simulator’s payout table.
  • Demo Credits menu displays the gambler’s current account balance.
  • AvtoPlay button triggers the automatic reel spin mode.
  • Bet key sets an amount bet per spin.
  • Win button shows the spin’s win.
  • Gamble and Collect keys show up after a winning spin only and allow launching a risk game or transferring the money to the gambler’s account.

Cashville slot boasts really unique symbols used to form winning combinations, for example:

  1. Symbols of a cigar with money, banknotes with a brooch, money bundles with coins as well as banknotes with necklaces mean the lucky player wins as much as 5 to 180 coins per combination.
  2. Rich men’s smiling faces bring 15 to 10 000 coins.
  3. W letter decorated with diamonds is used as a wildcard. It can bring from 4 up to 50 000 coins.
  4. Green-framed S letter is used as a scatter in this game and pays from 8 to 300 common amount bets.