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Bridezilla slot will tell you a slightly peculiar story about a monster in a delightful wedding dress. It has some unexpected bonuses that will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced gamblers.

A wedding ceremony! Can you imagine something more beautiful and romantic than that? But how much time and effort do you need to make this event, undoubtedly the most joyful and long-awaited for the bride and groom, has been arranged without any trouble? Trying to make their weddings perfect, even incredibly sweet girls turn into extremely selfish persons. They plague their fiances and all people around them with an endless number of demands that are often impossible to fulfill.

The prenuptial fever has such strength that the bride sometimes turns into an enraged fury. Surprisingly looking at his future wife, the exhausted groom no longer thinks about the marriage, dreaming to disappear forever from the sight of his beloved girl, tender and fragile in the past.

The Bridezilla slot machine is dedicated to these nervous brides. Its name roughly means “monster bride”. The components of the title Bridezilla are the word bride and the ending of the word Godzilla, the monster’s name from the famous science fiction film.

In this slot players will get acquainted with an incredible story. On the eve of the wedding, the bride becomes a real monster, so the marriage can be canceled, and the groom is in mortal danger. However, by the end of the game, true love will defeat evil spells. Having overcome all obstacles, the couple in love will get married, and you will significantly improve your financial situation.

Graphic components of the Bridezilla slot are beyond praise. Its reels are located in the background of a picturesque church with patterned stained-glass windows, where the guests are looking with tenderness at the bride and groom who are going to kiss. The symbols of the slot are associated with the theme of weddings and delight the eye with its brightness, animation, and subtle humor. Lively musical compositions and elegant design will give the player a lot of pleasant moments.

The five-reel Bridezilla slot differs from conventional gambling machines not only with the original storyline. Its distinctive feature is also the unusual mechanism for the formation of winning combinations. It has no usual paylines. Instead, there are 243 different ways of forming the prize-winning sequences. Therefore, before starting the game, you only need to make a bet.

Using the Coins and Coins Size buttons, you will specify the desired number of coins and their nominal value. After that, you can confidently press on a fancy bouquet of scarlet roses, which starts the rotation of the reels. Playing the Bridezilla slot for real money, you can spend your time with chic as if you were at a real wedding. The slot has an automatic game function, activation of which occurs when the Autoplay button is pressed.

If the player wants to know the size of the possible winnings, he can do it by clicking on the View Pays button , which opens the paytable. It is worth noting that the values there will always be different depending on the size of the bet.

Features of the Bridezilla slot

In the Bridezilla slot, as in any other wedding, you will meet the bride, the groom, and other attributes of this romantic event. Among them, there will be the bride’s bouquet, magnificent Gothic church, beautifully decorated car, a huge cake, and golden bells. All symbols are interestingly drawn, and some of them have an ironic look. For example, if you have a closer look at the cake, then on its top you will see a lonely bride, while the groom is two levels below, running away from her. On the groom symbol, there is a confused young man, which is literally divided into two halves. They are also usual playing cards in this slot.

The furious bride’s portrait plays the role of a wild symbol, which has the ability to replace all other pictures except the scatter.

As the scatter symbols, golden bells are used. 5 of these images can provide the player with an unbelievable gain of 240000 credits. In addition, three, four, or five scatters will give the lucky gambler 10, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively.

Also, a lot of bonuses for players are hidden behind some symbols. The bewildered bridegroom will grant one free spin to the player, while the angry bride who has different multipliers will seriously increase his winnings. The size of the winnings received by the player directly depends on the growth of her rage.

You have the opportunity to play Bridezilla for free, which is also very nice. It is a fascinating and original slot machine filled with excellent humor. The gameplay will bring the player lots of fun and joy, turning him into its true admirer.

The result of the game is not only the great mood and a lot of impressions. You can also get a huge amount of cash prizes without much effort. Of course, the monster bride has a terrible character. However, her amazing generosity combined with other useful functions of the Bridezilla slot machine makes it one of the most popular online gambling machines.