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Bonus Deuces Wild slot machine is an updated version of the popular video poker.

The slot not only changed its name, but also received a number of additional opportunities to increase the amount of winnings. Besides that, the gaming device Bonus Deuces Wild now offers a jackpot with the amount up to 5000 coins. With the maximum bet size, the total winnings amount can be very solid.

A new version of the game developed by Microgaming, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gambling software, will be the best option for the beginners of the world of adrenaline and cash prizes. Those novice players, who are not aware of all features and rules of the game, but want to have a better chance of winning using additional bonus payments. The game process contains plenty of interesting options, which, among other things, allow players to invest funds in a short amount of time.

Game developers provided an opportunity to the players to choose the optimal game speed from several modes – slow, medium, fast and very fast. In addition, if desired, the player can activate the automatic spin mode. In this mode, the computer handles the dealing the cards by itself guided by the mathematical calculations of the probability of the results. The jackpot can be obtained in the case Flash Royal formation with the maximum possible bet of 5 coins. But even while collecting less powerful combinations, the player receives large cash prizes. A special Wild card and the option “five identical” help to collect a large number of profitable combinations.

The game uses a classic deck of 52 cards, which is thoroughly mixed before each deal. All deuces and decks are considered as Wild cards, able to replace any other ones to ensure the creation of the winning combination. The beginning of the Bonus Deuces Wild slot game is pretty much similar to other varieties of video poker. The obligatory preparations for the game are determining the size of the bet in coins and their denomination. The player needs to use a special table indicating the payments to set the number of coins in a bet.

According to the information presented in this table, the player will be able to see the amounts of payments at different bet sizes. If the player wants to win the jackpot and prefers a real risk, then he must bet on the maximum. The nominal value of coins can be changed by the “-” and “+” keys, located on the control panel at the bottom of the screen. It directly determines the number of spins and the amount of potential winnings.

As already mentioned above, the Bonus Deuces Wild slot machine is favorably different from most other video poker games by additional bonus payments. The usual combinations also present, but the player can win by using special card sets too:

  • 5 cards of the same value, from the six to the King, give the player a payout in the range of 18 to 90 coins. The final win will depend on the amount of the bet;
  • 5 junior cards (from 3 to 5) of the same value will provide a win in the amount of 40 to 200 coins;
  • 5 Aces will be as much profitable as 80 – 400 coins;
  • 4 deuces will enrich the player in the amount of 200 to 1000 coins;
  • 4 deuces and Ace will add between 400 and 2000 coins to player’s account.

Bonus Deuces Wild slot peculiarities

This gaming machine offers much more possibilities for combining winning combinations in comparison with other varieties of video poker. This makes it one of the most popular slots among video poker fans. The players wanting to make sure of the profitability of the Bonus Deuces Wild slot machine before risking their own capital are able to play it for free.