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Big Kahuna slot machine takes you to a volcanic island where terrible dragons and the shaman Big Kahuna live. On this island, you can find a lot of tasty and juicy fruits. They will give you not only good mood, but also excellent prizes.

The gambling device with five reels and nine horizontal stripes tells you the story of the wonderful life on the volcanic island, where you will find a lot of juicy fruits and scary dragons.

You can play the Big Kahuna slot machine for free using virtual currency. Although the coins in this mode are not real, there are a lot of bonuses. You will get the opportunity to change the settings at your discretion, get experience, develop your tactics in the gameplay.

Simple and special icons rotate on the reels of the slot:

  • Portrait of Kahuna;
  • Ceremonial mask;
  • Monkey;
  • Fire-breathing volcano;
  • Dragon from the Komodo island;
  • All sorts of fruits and berries.

Prize combinations can be formed from two, three or more identical pictures. Counting starts from the first column. The payout is equal to the product of the current bet by the coefficient of the given image. If winning combinations emerge on several active paylines, they will be summed up and sent to the player’s account.

All coefficients for different images are listed in the winnings table. Each berry or fruit, as well as all characters of this gambling slot, are ready to bring rewards to the player. There is no doubling round in this slot. The jackpot is static, and can reach 8000 bets.

On the emulator, there are some special pictures. They include a wild symbol in the form of the logo of the Big Kahuna slot, and the scatter in the form of a monkey’s muzzle. There are also two bonus pictures in this slot. These are Mask and Volcano.

The wild symbol in this slot is the game logo, which has the highest prize coefficients in the winnings table. In addition, the wild symbol replaces any other symbol with the exception of the scatter, and builds additional prize chains with other pictures, thereby increasing the profit.

The image of the monkey is prize-winning regardless of its position on the reels, since it plays the role of a scatter symbol. Two monkeys will bring you prizes with a coefficient of 3. With three monkeys, you will get 10 current bets, with four ‑ 25, and with five ‑ 200.

Two portraits of Kahuna will bring you prizes with a coefficient of 10, three shamans give a coefficient of 25, four ‑ 150, and five ‑ 500.

Two dragons have a coefficient of 5, three ‑ 25, four ‑ 150, and five ‑ 500.

All images of fruits and berries can be combined into paid groups, starting from three characters. These combinations bring the player prizes with multipliers ranging from 10 to 250.

Features of the Big Kahuna slot

Traditions and rituals of shamans from ancient tribes still remain mysterious and incomprehensible to modern people. Secrets associated with shamans have always excited the imagination of gamblers. Treasures hidden on distant islands are waiting for real treasure hunters.

The mask symbol opens a new window, where the player is offered to choose one mask out of ten possible. Behind them, the treasures of ancient tribes are hidden.

The Volcano symbol launches another bonus game, where five baskets with fruits are placed in front of the player. They also hide cash prizes, which are sent to the player’s account if he wins. Everything depends on your choice only. The more successful choice is made, the larger amount goes to the player.

The wild symbol (game logo) is paid even if it appears on the screen alone. It has a multiplier of 2, two wild symbols will have a multiplier of 10, three will give you 200 bets, four ‑ 1000, and five ‑ 8000 bets.

Playing the Big Kahuna slot for real money, you will distinctly see its bright clear graphics, funny animation inserts, and mischievous monkey faces. When the turn is successful, the pictures become animated and cheerful music plays as a confirmation of this moment.

An example of the Big Kahuna slot game

There are 2000 coins on the account, 9 lines are activated, 5 coins on each. The total bet is 22.5. Now we click on the Spin button, and get a prize of 65 coins. The account now has 2042.5 coins.

With one more click, there appear three masks on the screen, which open the Mask bonus game. We need to select several masks from the dozen that are presented on the screen. Almost all of them have hidden prizes. Only two or three masks hide the words: “We take away your prizes”. Our attempt ends with a fairly profitable result, and the prize box displays 1110 coins. The total score now is: 3130.

If we subtract the initial figures from the final result, we will get: 3130 ‑ 2000 = 1130. This simple calculation shows that we earned 1130£ in fifteen minutes.

Choose a casino, create an account, make a deposit and get fantastic prizes from the Big Kahuna.