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Battlestar Galactica slot is a unique game for fans of famous cinema.

This beautiful slot emulator is to attract attention of fiction fans. Another amazing Microgaming product, it is inspired by a popular TV series of 90s telling a story of “Galactica” spacecraft.

Actually, the slot offers the same level of risk and excitement. While defending our planet, gamblers have a chance to both feel like a spacecraft pilot and win good money. Depending on the time you spend playing, you can get the next rank. In this theme game, breathtaking space wars and money-making opportunities are inextricably intertwined with each other to provide a unique experience.

Battlestar Galactica slot emulator has five reels. The gamblers can benefit from as much as 243 methods of getting rewarded for the risk. So read the payout table and prize boosting options before starting.

Battlestar Galactica slot features the minimum amount bet of about £0.30, while the maximum amount bet is £15.

The crisp and vivid graphics combined with easy and friendly user interface. Battlestar Galactica slot features a symbolic gameplay accompanied by scenes from the original series to provide a more realistic experience.

The slot’s symbols display certain parts of the film. The saga’s fans will easily recognize them.

In the Battlestar Galactica slot, the wildcard is represented by the logo. It can replace any other symbol, except for Scatter.

Interestingly, the biggest prize that one can win in a bonus round is as high as £700000! The bonus round is represented by a picture of an attack spacecraft.

Scatter does not depend on active payout lines. It enables you to win by just visiting the game field. If three or more Scatters appear on the screen, you will have a unique opportunity to launch 15 free reel spins, with the payout ratio three times higher than usually.

Traditionally, there are some auxiliary card symbols in the Battlestar Galactica slot. Another interesting feature is that game modes can change every moment. There are only three primary modes in Battlestar Galactica.

Actually, they are mini-games offering the gambler an opportunity to win some extra prizes, namely:

  • Run Round. It can be triggered every moment. When this bonus mode is activated, winning combinations are formed when the reels are aligned from right to left or vice versa, which presents an additional opportunity to win.
  • Ion Storm Round. It can be triggered every moment too. On this stage, wildcards can fill 1 or even 5 reels.
  • Fight Round. It can be triggered only during the Run mini-game. As the round continues, some random symbols, once struck by enemy space aircraft, can transform into wildcards and even double.

During the rest of the time, the game goes as usually.

It is also important that gamers can use the slot’s demo version and read its basic rules absolutely free.

Gamblers who like excitement and risk will probably choose a real-money game, because it provides an opportunity to make real bets and hope for winning a fantastic prize!

Start playing now to be a space hero and get a reward!