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Alice in Wonderland slot machine is the best opportunity to relax after hard day. is a great game that will appeal to all lovers of high-quality graphics and great voice acting, owing to beautiful portraits of heroes of the Lewis Carroll’s fairytale Alice in Wonderland, a very user-friendly interface and original design of the game board.

Every lover of gambling will like Alice in Wonderland slot due to high payout ratios. The rules of the game are very simple, so this game is very suitable for beginners.

The main characteristics of the slot machine Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland slot machine includes standard five reels and twenty lines, but the playing board differs from the boards of other slot machines. Players during the game can see only 4 lines of symbols, it means that only 20 symbols are displayed on the screen. The horizontal lines can be changed using the button Lines, the bet of the line can also be changed using the Bet button, the bet size is 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 points.

Near the button Bet there is a button Max Bet, which starts one rotation at the maximum bet of 100 points. Then there is the button for automatic spinning of the reels Auto. It is recommended to get training coins that will help players understand the rules of the game. Each player can find more information about the rules of the game with the help of the Paytable button, which opens a table with multipliers of prize rewards.

Pictograms and their coefficients

The first drawing, which will pay attention to each player – a portrait of Alice, the main hero of a fairy tale. After the rotation, Alice can appear on any cell, then she begins to grow straight as in a fairytale. She fills all cells vertically. If it is shown on the first, second or third horizontal line, counting from above, the customer receives a payment equal to the general bet on all the bands. If Alice starts to grow from the lowest line, then the win will be equal to twice the total bet on all of these strips.

Cheshire cat is a wild drawing, when two or more branches of a this beautiful cat fall out, there will be paid groups (10, 100, 1000 and 9000 bets).

In Alice in Wonderland slot machine magic items are a scatter. This icons is paid regardless of the location on the screen. If there are more than three drawings, the player gets either 5, or 20, or 500 bets. When playing for real money, three pictures in the spread are twenty free spins. Free spins performed at the last current rate. Prizes at such a time are very common.

Also in the game there are other drawings. Each figure has its own practical meaning. To receive a win, player need to drop out more than three repeating icons.

The rabbit with the clock and the mouse in the cup have coefficients of 10, 50 and 250. The Merry Hatter and the chess queen have the coefficients of 20,100 and 500. Each player can at any moment see detailed information about all the co-factors and icons on the winnings table.

Features of the slot Alice In Wonderland

If one turn of the reels ends with a win, then an above the spin button appears cell «gamble». If you click on this cell, an additional game is activated, which is very interesting and original.

The additional game includes a short cartoon: the Chess Queen sits on her throne and 6 soldiers with playing cards come to her, the Queen takes one of the cards and puts it face up. The player must choose one of the five remaining cards, if the selected card is higher than the Queen’s card, then the win will be doubled.