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Aces and Eights slot attracts a lots of players not only with qualitative software, but also with possibility to win rather big prizes.

The slot machine has very easy playing rules with wide range of options, intelligible interface, and simple controls. Also it’s possible to play Aces and Eights for free.

The slot’s interface is very simple and qualitative at the same time. It lets the player avoid being distracted by useless details of the interface and to concentrate on the game itself. Light shades of the cards and bright blue background contrast with each other and don’t coalesce. Thus even long-time game won’t harm the player’s eyes and won’t reduce his pleasure.

There is an ordinary 52-cards deck with no joker. The deck is thoroughly shuffled before each hand. The Aces and Eights slot users may define the quantity of active lines for every hand by themselves. Max quantity of such lines is 25. If several lines are chosen, the player’s starting combination is placed in all of them.

All winning combinations in Aces and Eights are familiar to all poker players: a pair of Jacks, royal flash, etc. Payout rates in Aces and Eights significantly vary from other versions of the game.

The developers of this slot machine have put a risk game option in the Aces and Eights software. This round becomes available after every win. The player has a choice — either use a chance to increase the winning sum or reject the risk and just to take his money. After deciding to play the risk game, the player will see five cards on the display, and only one of them will be opened. The player will have to take one of the unknown cards, which will have to be higher than the opened one. If he is lucky, his winning sum will be doubled. The risk of such game is rather high, but with luck the prize may be increased in many times. The risk game increases the player’s emotions and passion.

The profitable combinations are paid at the following rates in the slot machine:
• four Aces give the player a 80/1 win;
• the same amount of Jacks, Queens and Kings gives the player a 40/1 win;
• four cards from 2 to 10 — a 25/1 win.

The special aspects of Aces and Eight.

Before gaming, the player will have to define amount of his bet. After it, he just needs to press the Deal button and the game will start. The player will get 5 cards and will have to choose the ones that won’t help him win. This choice considers fair knowledge of all possible winning combinations. All main profitable hands consist of Jacks, Queens, Kings, and Aces. The player’s winning combination which forms after second hand will be highlighted in the table.

The Aces and Eights slot machine has rather laconic style which disguises very dynamic game and good winning rates. It’s possible to play video poker both virtually and for real money.

Good vibes and mood are guaranteed results of playing Aces and Eights, and the pinnacle of success is great cash prize. And lots of players have already reached this pinnacle. The Aces and Eights is the unlimited possibility to win.